Monday, November 12, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Waited ages for a bus Saturday morning - seemed none were heading towards Borough Market, then the coffee kicked in and I finally realised it was because the City was closed for the Lord Mayor's Show. Then the bus came.

Started as ever at Ginger Pig - where there is still no sign of Chris and the only sign of Karl is the one out the front with his number to call if you want to do the last of the butchery classes for the year. Bought a piece of gammon for the weeks lunches - £16.50

Then a lovely pork pie for Sunday lunch! - £4.90

This week the one off stall outside Roast was yorkshire crisps of many varities in resealable tubs. The lightly salted ones were very good so bought a tub - these were better than good so it's lucky they're not there every week or I would succumb - £2

Eggs from Wild Beef - had intended to use at least two poached on a friton salad in the week but it didn't happen so they're still in the fridge but they'll be fine next week £1.50

Then to Gastronomica because I needed some truffle cheese to make a sauce for lasagne and - disaster! - none till next week. So bought a big chunk of strong sheeps cheese- sauce to top lasagne - and a rocchetta - cheese sandwiches Thursday night - and we tried a piece of chocolate pannettone that was simply sublime and just had to have one for dessert Saturday night with David and Michael and so with the addition of a smoked mozzarella snacked it was £30 - an even split, half cake half cheese

Went to the Gastronomica shop then to try nduke - a spreadable salami that is 30% chilli - very hot but very good so bought a little slice, in the fridge but it will keep, might be a treat this weekend on celery - £2

Coffee beans - start the day -from Monmouth - £8.50

Creamy white baby squid spiced and grilled for Saturday's starter - from Furness Fish - £7

Booths for veg - sweetheart cabbage half with sausage and mash Wednesday night, potatoes mash!, lettuce , rocket - weekend salads, peppers - meant for a roasted salad to go with the squids but it didn't happen so will cook them with bacon and the last of the sugarsnaps Friday night for supper, shallots - untouched in the veg drawer, cucumber - some in weekend salad some still in the crisper, celery with black olive paste whilst menu planning for food chain Thursday night, parsley - to cook gammon and to add to olive paste, clementines - lunches - carrots to cook gammon, with sausage and mash (for colour) and raw in lunches, sugarsnaps lunches raw and cooked in pasta with peppers Friday, chicory will still be okay for weekend salad - £11

Neals Yard for milk and bread - £6.60

And the prices have finally gone up at Flour Power - almond croissant is now £2.20

A fairly hefty £92.20 for the week

This time last year I was in Bali - the only cooking I did was a day at Bumbu. Have made one or two things since I came back - spiced beef was good, bali salad is sublime. Spicy chicken stuffed with spinach was pretty special too.

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