Monday, January 21, 2008

And this week ... I bought

We were a little later this week arriving at the market and, to my dismay, it was busier by far than the last couple of weeks. The shopping was a little more complicated too because I had not list or plan for the week. So we were slower too. Oh well - slow food!

Went to Silfield with the intention of buying ham hocks but it was closed - power failure. So it was off to Ginger Pig for a piece of gammon - bought smoked accidentally but it cooked beautifully and made lovely lunch boxes with brwon rice salad. Also bought rump steak for Sunday supper with salad and crusty bread was so fabulous I might have to do it again this week! as I fancied a change from roasts and a couple of pork chops Thursday night with salad - altogether it was £28.70

Then to Furness Fish - thinking of buying a couple of sea bass for Saturday night but was tempted astray by some fresh looking mussels and bought a kilo of them instead Saturday night special with white wine and coriander- £4.50

Then to Chegworth for an apple juice to keep us going - £1.50

Eggs from Wild Beef - poached on top of a salad Friday night - £1.50

As we wandered past the chicken sellers across from Northfields the woman behind the counter was slicing a very interesting looking meat loaf that she told us was a mix of chicken and liver and herbs and apricot so we bought a slice to try for lunch - it was interesting but a little less than exciting or maybe I was thinking it would be like the sliced goose from Seldom Seen we had a few weeks before xmas and it wasn't as good as that - £3

At Booths there was a queue - unusual so early in the day - so I ducked around them and bought rocket, lettuce, cucumber, sugarsnaps, fennel, carrots all for various salads, grapes - lunches, leeks spiced with rice and an aubergine curry to use up last week's aubergine all for dinner Monday night and capsicums for rice salad for £8.50

Then more of the fabulous Irish smoked salmon Sunday lunch - £5

A hot sausage roll from Ginger Pig still warm and rapidly consumed when we got home from the market - £3

Milk and bread from Neals Yard - £6.70

Then was tempted into the new German deli across from Neals Yard by the promise of cheesecake - just had to try a slice - it was good but not as good as the slice I bought from the new deli on Brixton Road for a taste test (fest) £1.50

Finally bought a brownie for the man and a little cottage loaf toast from Flour Power - £3.50

Spent £67.40

This time last year we were mostly eating spaghetti bolognaise. All very frugal and comforting.

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