Wednesday, May 07, 2008

And This Week...I Bought

Bank holiday weekend and sunshine. An almost unheard of combination but I was so delighted it seemed churlish to question it. Borough Market was quiet early on - everyone getting a slow start perhaps - dazzled by the sun.

Went to Ginger Pig for a piece of boned rolled shoulder of pork which I had planned to roast Monday night and have leftovers cold for lunches but we had cold sausages and a pork pie I defrosted so the pork is now in the freezer and - for the first barbecue of the year, the idea of which amused John as I think he was sure it would rain - a kilo of chippolata sausages - £24

Then to Booths where we were immediately seduced by the smell of english strawberries - for breakfast smoothies for the weekend - summer is here! Also bought bananas, lettuce, parsley, pink fir potatoes, thin green beans, alfalfa sprouts, all these for salads Monday and lunchboxes, onions, peppers, courgettes for roasted vegetable pasta Friday night £11.80

Decided on crab for lunch as we wandered past Shellseekers - there was much excitement as they'd just sold a 50 kilo sea trout. I was sorry not to have seen it! Bought a dressed crab - £7

Some beef sausages from Wild Beef - possibly overkill! indeed, they are now in the freezer - £3.90

Cheeses from Gastronomica - a rough hewn salty pecorino, a creamy subtle hard goats cheese and a goodly hunk of tomme which we took with us for the end of hugely enjoyable bbq lunch in Richmond Park with Jaey and Marie - £15

Baby plum tomatoes salads and pasta from the Isle of Wight stall - £3.50

And asparagus Saturday supper with poached duck egg and salad because it was so good last week - from the garlic stall next to them - £4.50

Chocolates from l'Artisan du chocolat - £2 - they may be misshapes but they are a perfect thing in my book

Parma ham with asparagus and mozzarella beginning to develop a taste for mozzarella on toast as a lazy Sunday breakfast - the cool elegant taste of summer on a hot(tish) day - £8.90

Had a chat with the lovely Marie who is filling in for a few weeks at the Fresh Olive stall

Then off to Neals Yard for milk and bread and yoghurt - £8.40

Chocolate brownie and a cottage loaf from Flour Power - £3

Spent £92 - not really buying more than usual but prices are rising as production costs go up

This time last year we were mostly eating roasted asparagus with tomato and haloumi - something I was thinking of having agian this week. A couple of other things from previous May's are chorizo salad and prawns with carrot and spiced oil that you might like to try.
I'm off for a few weeks to France and Oz - and planning to eat well but without blogging!

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Anna said...

Bron, I soooo want to visit Borough market, reading your blog is the next best thing!! :-)

Enjoy your hols!