Friday, January 30, 2009

I wanted, I bought, I made

I love pork chops!

It is definitely getting colder we had massive snow in central London enough to stop the buses! again - ice edging puddles on the path to the bus. We are out Saturday for pizza in the day so am thinking hot/cold tapas Saturday night the man plumped for parma ham and buffalo mozzarella with a little rocket salad and fine it was to nibble on would be a treat. Sunday I'd like roast lamb with lots of garlic and butter bean mash, had that but with roasted onions and spiced rice maybe some baba ganoush and some wilted spinach for no reason other than I really fancy it. Monday I have class so the man might have to fend for himself too much snow to go to work (yay!) so porridge for breakfast, hot pitta bread stuffed with butter bean paste and salad then pork chops and potatoes and carrots and brussel sprouts for a really good supper to ward off the cold and I might have scrambled eggs when I get in. Tuesday he's out so I think I'd like grilled pork chop and salad stirfry noodles with cabbage and mushrooms. Wednesday a quick pasta after french too cold for class so we had spicy corn fritters, dahl and rocket salad, Thursday some noodles potato tortilla but sadly nothing like the one at Brindisa, Friday a little veg curry or in fact sausages and salad.

There was already a queue in Ginger Pig just after 9 - thought it might be a slow day at the Market but it seemed to generally be lookers not buyers so it wasn't too bad at all. I bought a whole shoulder of lamb but had it cut in half Sunday roast, a couple of big thick pork chops Monday dinner and a pork steak Tuesday stirfry for a total of £24.70

At Booths I bought potatoes, padron peppers bought when I was thinking tapas but so far untouched though will make a nice nibble with a drink after work, clementines lunches, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onions roasted Sunday, thyme, red pepper, rocket salads and celery for £11.50

Then to Wild Beef for eggs tortilla and sausages Friday night where Lizzie told us the snow will come and stay for a month - how right she was! - which might not be fun - £5.30

A pasty for the man for dinner Monday night in the freezer from the Mrs Elizabeth King's pork pie stand - £2.50

Prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella Saturday supper from the Italian stall - £9.70

Milk, bread and yoghurt for breakfast with rhubarb from the freezer and it was lovely from Neals Yard - £7.40

Bread freezer and a pain au raisin from Flour Power - £2.50

A hot sausage roll from Ginger Pig for miss piggy me for breakfast - £3

All together £66.60 - not bad.

Still have some of the salad veg but they will make for a crisp side for the sausages tonight, threw away the last of the rice from Sunday, still have the potatoes but they will be fine for the weekend. I bought a parsnip to make a cake, as well as more milk and butter.

This time last year we were mostly eating tofu omelette with ostrich sauce - we now have this sauce at the house in France as it is utterly perfect with duck. And peppers stirfried with blackbeans - a regular dish round our way.

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