Thursday, April 09, 2009

I wanted... I bought.... I made

Easter - holidays - yay! Off to Borough Friday so we are having t bone steak because a fabulous example on the counter of the Ginger Pig last week had us both dribbling and I've thought of nothing since. A little salad garnish perhaps. And so it was and it was fabulous. To offset costs a little I shall use what's left for noodle salad Saturday which was good too. Sunday I have Food Chain so the man can fend for himself at lunch and we shall have kofta and chickpeas and beetroot in the evening we actually still had a little steak left so we had that on toast followed by some more toast topped with rocchetta. Monday aubergine pasta we had the lamb balls with chick pea masala, Tuesday lentils I think a very slow but really good baked aubergine pasta dish and Wednesday some vegetable curry beef rissoles with potato salad and carrot and fennel. Thursday we're out and again on Friday.

Borough Market was up and fully functioning just after 10 on Friday morning with everyone very cheerful despite the fact that for them it was an ordinary weekend rather than a holiday. At the Ginger Pig I bought a couple of lovely thick slices of t bone steak and a little bit of smoked bacon for the freezer and it was £27.90. Holiday treat.

At Booths I bought cucumber, new potatoes salad, little aubergines noodles and a big aubergine pasta, a couple of heads of old garlic and one of juicy new season, spring onions noodles, watercress noodles and cheese on toast, big flat mushrooms steak garnish with one and then mushrooms on toast for an utterly decadent breakfast Saturday morning and a green pepper with chick peas and yoghurt for £6.20

At the cheese stall of Gastronomica I bought a piece of sweetish pecorino and a rocchetta - £14

At the other Gastronomica I bought braesola Friday lunch - £4

From Monmouth I bought coffee beans - £9

At Neals Yard I bought bread and milk and spaghetti - £8.20

And lastly, but not leastly, I bought hot cross buns and a cottage loaf from Flour Power for £3.10

So a not inconsiderable £72.40 - and I then bought yoghurt, chick peas, rhubarb and butter in the week


Anne said...

Mmm steak!

bron said...

Mmmm - loved it!