Friday, November 27, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

I'm out for the day Saturday on a trip to Birmingham - a place I've never been - as a guest of Miele at the BBC Good Food Show. It will be a treat.

But not (entirely) for the man as he will have a list and the responsibility of shopping alone. Not sure what time I'll be back so something simple for supper Saturday night, quite tempted to continue the fish odyssey crumbed whiting fillets simply fried in butter with chips!! as I was very pleased with last week's fish pie. Sunday has to be roast, beef of olde Englande with butternut and potatoes and brussel sprouts perhaps as it's been a while. Monday I fancy a spanish soup of chick peas and spinach had a spanish soup but it was cauliflower and yoghurt and it was okay but not great, Tuesday dal and dill rice had the lamb chops from the freezer with potatoes from our garden (the entire crop...) and buttered spinach for the most utterly fabulous meal, Wednesday probably the rest of the soup from Monday which had improved a little with time!, Thursday I am hankering for the lamb chops that have been in the freezer for long enough had a seriously good dahl with smoked aubergine and some paratha from the freezer. Friday something simple, sausages perhaps or omelette and crusty bread need to go through chinatown after work so noodles it will be.

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