Friday, December 10, 2010

I wanted I bought I made

This weekend is Food Chain so busy busy. Saturday night needs to be simple, maybe pork chop soup as I made stock with the bones from last week's roast and there are pork chops in the freezer sausage and mash, perfect and the stock is in the freezer. Sunday a roast, simple and tasty it was but it was cooked at the Canton Arms so we had fried eggs on toast, lovely. Monday stirfry noodles roast beef and veg but sadly the creamed turnip was bitter but the rest was very good indeed. Tuesday we are out. Wednesday I think the beef stew from the freezer with lots of veg fried noodles. Thursday broccoli pasta bake with a tub of cheese sauce from the freezer the beef stew with added mushrooms, mountains of mash and carrots and brussel sprouts a welcome meal to greet the return of the snow. Friday omelette with morcilla.

At the Ginger Pig Charlie and John and the others already look tired. And they've still got two weeks till xmas. They work really hard at this time of year and I'm glad they are there for me to get such great meat. There was only a couple of really small bits of beef topside left so bought a nice piece of rolled rump and some pork mince for £24.87
Next to Total Organics for some parsnips - they were lovely last week - £1.87

From Ted's Veg I bought brussel sprouts and onions but no potatoes this week as I still have last weeks - £2.80

Still had last weeks eggs too, so bought beef sausages from Wild Beef - £4.72

Milk from Neals Yard - £3.20

A box of clementines from Tony's - really is xmas when the clems are about - £3.50

Toast bread from Flour Power - £1.10

Spent £42.06 - and so close to xmas!

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