Thursday, April 18, 2013

The ultimate sausage sandwich

This week, anyway....

Early in the week, I bought a pound (money) scoop of peppers at Nour Cash & Carry in Brixton, but they were not as crunchy as I'd hoped when I got home. So cubed them and tossed them onto a flat roasting tray with some basil oil, a roughly chopped onion and a couple of flattened garlic cloves. Roasted them at 180C for about 30 minutes and they were transformed into a richly frangrant, brightly coloured tangle. Better even than I was hoping for, and good to eat with a tuna salad.

Next night we were off to Oval House, a tiny theatre local to home, so I wanted a quick and easy bite before we set out. Toyed with collation - the man does love a cold collation - but it didn't inspire. Thinking round it I decided the best use of the leftover silky peppers was with an Italian classic that I have loved since I first ate one a gazillion years ago - fennel sausage.

I've bought them all round London from different Italian delis, almost all of them stock them in some form or another, they're like a fresh version of fennel salami. Lina Stores in Soho has been making their own for decades and they are some of the finest I have ever come across. Quick bus journey and they were mine.

 While they cooked in a little pan, hissing and spiiting like a cornered cat, I buttered some crusty bloomer fresh from Di Lieto and split the rest of the peppers bewteen two plates. Handful each of greens

top it with a hot sausage and

there's a quick dinner fit for the man. And me.

I do love a good sandwich.

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