Monday, December 18, 2006

I Bought

We arrived at Borough Market about half an hour later than was wise on Saturday and already there were queues at Wyndhams Poultry and Ginger Pig with people not actually shopping but ordering for next week for the grand feast that is Christmas. Everyone is generally cheerful, even the stallholders though they are in for a massively busy time.

At Wyndhams I bought some duck legs to try and recreate a dish we like in a cafĂ© in France - £8.20

At Ginger Pig I bought a piece of corned silverside, a couple of pork chops, some slices of pork belly because it looked particularly good and eggs - £22.40 - and ordered a rib of beef for our Christmas feast

I bought potatoes from Morghew Potato stall in the xmas market that is selling only spuds - a range of traditional varieties so I bought new ones called 'Nicola' and bakers - £2.20

There was no queue at all at Monmouth coffee stall in the xmas market so I bought a bag of dark roasted beans from New Guinea in a flash - £9

Apples from Chegworth - £1.40

Tomatoes from the Isle of Wight - they are the last of the baby plums and I couldn't resist the little shiny red flavour bombs - £3.50

Wild beef sausages for a decadent lunch - £4

Carrots from Total Organics - £1

Booths was remarkably quiet - I guess no one pre orders their sprouts - so we bought some for this week as well as cucumber, onions, garlic, sugar snaps, a not entirely fresh green pepper, some delicate salad leaves, and some bright orange tangerines - £4.05

The Irish smoked salmon people were back. Though they've had to raise their prices I was delighted to see them and I bought a small tub because it is like edible luxury - £4 (was £3.50)

A big fat sausage roll from Ginger Pig - £3

Big queue at Neals Yard - there'll be a lot of stilton enjoyed before 2007 arrives - but for this week I just bought milk and bread - £5.70

And that's our lot - £68.45

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