Friday, December 22, 2006

This Week

As we were going out Saturday night we indulged in hot grilled sausages and crusty bread and crispy salad mid afternoon - one of my better ideas as the choral concert later was a bit of a disappointment so we left at the interval. The dearth of transport suggested it must have been the night for the bus drivers xmas party - took us forever to get home. Upon arrival we needed a little sustenance so my sweetheart had the leftover carbonara, reheated and I had the giant sausage roll with salad so eventually we went to bed content.

Sunday was a quick breakfast of coffee and toast before heading to a screening of the new Clint Eastwood film 'Flags of Our Fathers' which was quite engrossing and I'm not really a fan of war movies. The West End was heaving by the time we came out so we bussed it over to Borough for Sunday lunch at the Wheatsheaf and later, after doing the inevitable household chores and then reading the papers we had a delicate supper of smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and butter ciabatta

Monday was the usual weekly breakfast of cereals and coffee and lunch didn't work out as planned. I had bought and cooked a piece of beef that had been corned - but there had been mustard in the corning mix and mustard is one thing I simply cannot abide so I binned that but did enjoy the rice salad and tomatoes. The lovely boyfriend, who does like mustard, didn't like the texture - it was a little slippery, for want of a better description, so then we had rice and salad and tangerines for seasonal colour so all was not lost. My sweetheart was out in the evening so I indulged myself with a noodle soup because I enjoyed it so much last week.

Tuesday I was out, and had a very enjoyable selection of tapas at Cuba Libre in Islington while my sweetie had a cheese sandwich - a dinner he adores - at home

Wednesday we were warmed by duck daube with mashed potatoes and sprouts and carrots after we'd come in from the foggy night

Thursday I had a good lunch at the newly reopened Hat & Feathers - long may it last - and for dinner I made pasta with the rest of the baby plum tomatoes - they were definitely not the best ones but it is the very end of the season so perhaps I should have known better. They did cook up very well with some garlic and nutmeg and the last of the Parmesan so it could have been worse

Friday we are finishing early so I may drop by the market to see if some shopping is an option and we are having chick pea soup tonight with the chick peas I bought a few weeks ago

Left at the end of this week is the belly pork but it is in the freezer and will be fine another time with lentils, the cucumber because lunches didn't really work out as they should so it may well be binned, the new potatoes are still in the fridge but they could be used in the next week steamed and served with melted butter and the butternut squash still sits happily in the vegetable basket - maybe for next week

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