Monday, April 23, 2007

And this week ... I bought

It was good to go back to Borough on Saturday - the sun was shining, we were early and the crowds had not yet arrived. Started, as always, at the Ginger Pig where they were selling sausages that Chris claimed were some that we had made at the sausage making class we'd done in the week. We ate so many last week and have 3 bags in the freezer for a sausage fest another time I wasn't tempted to buy them. Did buy a thick slice of prime rump, Saturday night supper and a sandwich for lunch on Sunday, a lovely piece of unsmoked gammon cooked with Asian spices for supper Monday night and lunchboxes through the week and some fresh eggs - £30

Next we saw the lovely Marie who was working her last day at Borough Olives - caught up on the gossip - I shall miss her now she's off to her new job. Vaheed will be back next week running the stall till he finds a new manager. Different gossip.

Bought some baby plum tomatoes from the Isle of Wight tomato man - first of the year and lovely shiny little bombs of flavour they are - for my lunches - £3.50

Apples for my man from Chegworth Valley more lunches- £1.20

Lots of fresh veg from Booths - onions, cucumber, beans stir-fried, spring onions, carrots, bananas, rhubarb breakfast with goats milk yoghurt, peppers - stir-fried with black beans, aubergine sea spiced for Chinesey dinner Tuesday night and cold for lunch on Wednesday - £9.20

A pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King - to snack on - £4.50

Fresh coffee beans from Monmouth - £8.50

Milk and bread from Neals Yard - £6.50

Chocolate brownie for the man's afternoon tea as he now shares my almond croissant for breakfast - £3.50

A grand total of £66.90

Then it was a quick before I set off alone to the other side of the world to visit my family in Australia and left the man to fend for himself - a novel experience.

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