Monday, May 14, 2007

And this week ... I bought

I've been away to Australia to celebrate my mother's birthday where the seafood was fabulous and the sun shone every day. And now I am back finally to the dull grey light of London - supposedly late spring early summer but more like a protacted autumn. Rain and wind for the weekend.

Whatever is going on with the climate the stalls at Borough are laden with wonderful things that bring joy to your heart and great food to your table. There is still masses of stuff in our freezer so my mission is to use it as the starting point and work around it. Going to Borough and not buying any meat is something of a novel experience.

Started at Total Organics for a zingy orange and fennel juice - £3 - then bought baby plum tomatoes for my lunches as the man dislikes fresh tomato though is happy enough to eat them cooked - and a large tomato from Isle of Wight grilled with pork chops Friday night - £4.25

Had a chat with Vaheed now back running his olive stall till he can replace Marie - which may take longer than he realises! then bought a lovely chunk of aged Pecorino - snack with a glass of wine and a cheese snadwich for the man as the original plan for pasta didn't happen - from the pretty boys at the Gastronomica stall - a bargain £6

Chegworth Valley have moved to a new permanent site to where Ginger Pig used to have their stall - much bigger space and easier to navigate. Bought 2 punnets of sweet scented strawberries for lipstick pink smoothies proving that whatever the weather good times are on the way - £2.50

Bought loads of fruit and veg at Booths - rhubarb - breakfasts, bananas - smoothies and lunchboxes, ratte potatoes - salad, asparagus - roasted with tomatoes and haloumi, sugar snaps - lunches, leeks, aubergines - curry, onions, Italian plum tomatoes - roasted with asparagus, coriander - stuffing for lamb, parsley - with garlic and chilli on pasta, fennel - salad with peas and mint, broad beans - once podded sadly not special enough to do anything with, a rare instance of something hitting the bin before it was cooked - a proper selection of fine seasonal produce - £19

Chocolates from Maison du Chocolat - a small indulgence to ward off the chill from the rain -£3

Pork pie because I fancied one with potato salad for lunch - £4.90

Bread - with supper Saturday and milk and yoghurt - smoothies - from Neal's Yard - £7.90

Herbs from the plant stall - sage, thyme and two rosemary plants in the hope that one will thrive - somehow I am always unsuccessful with this most hardy of herbs - £10

An almond croissant from Flour Power because they are very good - £2

A grand total of £62.55

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