Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Despite heavy skies Borough Market was busy. Started at the Ginger Pig. I had called Chris earlier in the week to ask for some bone marrow to complete the magnificent feast for my man's birthday. He went into the fridge and came out with a huge bone two inches thick and more than a foot long. Very impressive. He sawed off the ends and then in half and began extracting the marrow, putting the pieces onto the block as they came out. Karl, being both curious and tidy, came over to see what he was up to and, while asking, scraped the pieces of marrow off the block and flung them into the bin. Couldn't believe it but had to laugh. When I finally did have enough for my garnish, I also bought a piece of unsmoked gammon -had meant it for lunches but we had a little of the roast beef left and what with it being a short week it is now nestling in the freezer for another time and some eggs - £17

Needed a little sustenance so had a classic carrot, apple and ginger juice from total organics - £3

Ground beef from wild beef - to replenish my freezer supply -£4

Tomatoes from the Isle of Wight because my lunch box is not complete without bright little plum tomatoes and their spectacular burst of flavour - £3.50

Had completely run out so needed a tin of olive oil from Borough Olives where there was no sign of Vaheed though we had seen Marie on her way to elsewhere earlier which was nice - £22.50

Needed cake for dessert - it being a proper party - so bought two huge vanilla slices from the new cake stall. The woman ahead of me bought a thick slice of chocolate cake to eat immediately. I was impressed - it was only about 9.15am - all hail a true cakey-pig! - £4

With the plan being roast rib of beef for dinner wanted to start with something a little lighter so bought a tub of school prawns, ready shelled, from Shellseekers - £5.50

Booths for veg - some dried cep garnish for the beef, white onions that I couldn't get, and skinny green beans- more garnish to complete our feast, cornish new potatoes - hot with sausages Wednesday night and cold as salad for lunch Thursday, rocket - salad Wednsesday night, peppers, cucumber - lunches, lettuce - salad, bananas - smoothies and lunches, thought about a cauliflower but didn't buy one, sugar snap peas - crunch at lunch - and garlic -ten thousand uses - £9.30
Went to Turnips for the white onions more beef accompaniment and quite fantastic - and remembered I needed a bunch of carrots - salad - £3.20

Strawberries - smoothies - from Chegworth - 2 punnets for £2 - ultimate bargain

Sausage roll - Saturday snack - from Ginger Pig ready food counter - £3
Coffee - daily breakfast - from Monmouth - £9

Milk, bread and yoghurt - smoothies - from Neals Yard - £6.50

A hefty bill this week - £92.50 - but the oil will last for months

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