Monday, May 21, 2007

And this week ... I bought

After what feels like a very long and gloomy week the sun came out to play for the weekend. Yay! The trip to the market is so much more pleasant when it's bright and everyone, at least early in the day, is just a little bit more cheerful. I like it. The man is in Hong Kong for a few days - when I was a kid and my mother was annoyed with me or wanted me out of the way she'd yell Get to Hong Kong! Don't know why. Anyway I set off alone on the bus to Borough with a slightly shorter list than usual. I'm still trying to reduce the freezer contents - but having done another butchery class last week we now have 2 cote de boeuf and some diced beef for stewing in the space I had previously cleared. This could take a while.

Ginger Pig was nonetheless my first port of call. We are planning to eat one of the beef foreribs next weekend as a decadent birthday treat for my man and I discovered a quite splendid sounding sauce made with oxtail and red wine so I bought a piece of oxtail but that was all - £3.40

Then I went to Wyndhams for a french corn fed chicken which are a bargain at £5

Next a little juice from Total Organics to keep me going and a brief chat with Gary who has had the stall at Borough since the beginning. It has changed recently from selling an extensive range of organic fruit and vegetbles as well as rice, pulses and nuts to turning the whole stall into a juice bar and prepared dishes. He made the decision after losing a lot of trade when he moved to his new site but it was a difficult one as he has traded in organics for ten years with great passion. Though he still has the business he was not his usual cheery self. The juice was £3

Didn't need cheese or mini plum tomatoes but I had a quick wander round the Green Market just through habit really then headed back to the other side to Booths where I bought asparagus, Italian plum tomatoes, Cornish new potatoes, rocket, lettuce, carrots, peppers and cucumber - £10.90

Back past Ginger Pig and I couldn't resist a big fat scotch egg - £3

Coffee from Monmouth - £9

Milk, yoghurt and bread from Neals Yard - £5.40

And then I forgot to buy myself an almond croissant - too sad

A reasonable total of £39.70

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