Monday, August 06, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Utterly glorious sunshine for the entire weekend. After the last few months it was something approaching miraculous. Borough was busyish but not heaving and everyone, buyers and sellers alike, seemed to be cheerful. Even Karl at Ginger Pig, though still looking forward to having a holiday, felt that he was well on the way up the metaphorical hill to happiness hump. I can only assume it is a kiwi thing. John had a smile a mile wide telling me about being granddad to Ruby. Beautiful by all accounts. Bought a couple of pork chops - Friday supper -and some bacon - the plan was to make fried rice Sunday lunchtime but it didn't happen so it's in freezer - for £8.05

Eggs - poached on a salad Wednesday night - and coarse ground beef - one lot in the freezer and one lot for burgers Thursday night - from Wild Beef - £8.25

A practically liquid slice of perfectly ripe gorgonzola indulgence, a large chunk of semi hard cows milk cheese and a small mozzarella - for a decadent platter on Saturday - that has been injected with a heart of fresh cream - all from Gastronomica and all for £10

Isle of Wight had no baby plum tomatoes - disaster - so got nothing

Went to Chegworth for strawberries - smoothies - and also bought a tub of cooked fruit - strawberries, rasberries and apple that I fancy as breakfasts - sublimely good, so much so I'm hoping they've got more this week - with sheep yoghurt - £5.50

Then parma ham - Saturday platter - from the ham and mozzarella stall - £4.40

Dried haricots - lunches - from Herbs from Heaven - £1.30

Booths for veg - leeks - to go with roast beef from the freezer Monday night, cabbage - steamed and buttered with grilled pork chops Friday night, baby beetroots - awaiting their fate in the fridge, bananas - smoothies and lunches, beans - cooked in sesame oil and garlic to go with burgers, celery - meant for fried rice but ended up being for lunches and salad, red onions, spring onions - anise chicken, zucchinis - still in the fridge and still okay, rocket - platter, sugarsnaps -lunches - £9.90

Scotch egg for me and a pig in a blanket for my man - Saturday brunch - on the way past the cooked food counter at Ginger Pig - £4.50
Oak leaf lettuce, cucumber and 3 peppers- all used Wednesday night for salad except for one of the peppers - from Tony - £3.50

Every week there is a truck that will try to get down Park Street past Neals Yard between the two rows of parked cars and every week it gets stuck and causes mayhem with other drivers getting blocked or reversing out and much chaos invariably ensues. This week it was a cement truck that turned the corner then had no space to continue. Another truck behind him no space to reverse. At which point I went in to the market - this scenario can take half an hour to resolve itself and I have seen it many times. When I returned to go to Neals Yard the trucks had disappeared and the little car parked first round the corner had its bumper ripped off and deep scratches the length of the bodywork. There was also a clutch of notes under the wiper giving phone numbers of witnesses. People can be generous as well as stupid. From the shop I bought pasta - cupboard, bread - Saturday platter, milk and yoghurt - smoothies and breakfasts- £12.60

A brownie for my sweetie - £1.50
And nothing more except a sweet smelling melon - Saturday platter and the other half for breakfasts - from Elsey & Booth for a bargain £1

And then the bus home £70.50 lighter


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, that ham looks gorgeous!

bron said...

It was divine kitchen girl - and whoever came up with the idea of eating ham with melon should be canonised