Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Flew round the market a right bundle of excitement at the prospect of my man coming home on Sunday. What to buy? In place of being decisive I bought everything!

Started at the Ginger Pig where Karl was in a very bleary state, having cooked a spit roast pig the night before at the party for Keith Richards 60th birthday. Home at 3.30 up at 5.30 by 9am he was not looking his best. Cheery though. Bought an exceedingly thick slice of rump steak, - so thick indeed I halved it and we had steak dinner Sunday and Monday, a proper Oz welcome home! - a piece of unsmoked gammon - for lunches with salad - and a couple of chicken breasts - intended for dinner Saturday night with David but ended up in the freezer as I bought fennel sausages from Camisa in Soho the better to go with chick pea salad - which came to £40

Then to Wild Beef for eggs - two into a fruitcake for David as he had his appendix out last week and it's the thing he craves the most, and two boiled to go with tuna salad for dinner Thursday night - £1.25

Tomatoes - lunches and salad dinners - from the Isle of Wight - £3.50

Chocolates for Georgia - she cooked us a full roast chicken lunch and blueberries for dessert and was happy to see chocolates to nibble - at lunch Monday - £2

Olives from the turkish stall and a tub of stuffed vine leaves -both for snacks, particularly liked the vine leaves - £4.75

Strawberries from Chegworth - 2 one ponud punnets thinking I'd have strwbwerries and cream for dessert Saturday but instead the man made very lush smoothies Monday and Tuesday - huge things and deep red and sweetly scented - £4

Parma ham and buffalo mozzarella from the Italian stall - lunch Sunday - £7.90
Tuna - salad Thursday night - from Brindisa - £1.75

Booths for rocket and lettuce, peppers, fennel, courgettes - pasta Tuesday night, cucumber, bananas, sugarsnaps and potatoes and a few carrots - salads with the rest of the veg, still have to use the potatoes but will probably have sauté with burgers Friday night - £5.50
Back past Ginger Pig for a scotch egg- my lunch Saturday - £3

Neals Yard had buffalo mozzarella half price so I bought one to make something pasta in the week as well as milk, bread, yoghurt and cream - in the freezer for later - £13.12

Laden now to the point of collapse I still had to buy a brownie for the man, and couldn't resist an almond croissant for me - £3.50

A grand total of £90.27 - and definitely enough food to welcome home the man in style.

This time last year we also had gammon for lunches as well as grilled steak and noodle salad and spinach and cheese omelette.

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