Monday, September 03, 2007

And this week ... I bought

It was blissfully quiet at Borough early Saturday - my favourite way to shop. Started as ever at Ginger Pig where I bought a chicken - stuffed with spinach and spices for dinner Saturday with bali salad and rice, then cold for supper Sunday, some minced pork and streaky bacon - for terrine for lunches -but sadly they had no minced veal - a bit of a disaster as I wanted to make a terrine - £14.90 for what I could get
Hulled pistachio - terrine - from the nuts and dried fruit stall - £1.89

Then over to the Green Market for eggs - in the fridge - from Wild Beef - £1.25

Cheese from Gastronomica - weekend nibbles and afters for dinner Tuesday- £7.60

Tomatoes and garlic - lunches and dinners - from Isle of Wight - £4.70
Had a nice chat with Vaheed at Borough Olives, back running the stall now that Marie has moved on. It still seems odd to see him back but he's cheerful as ever which adds a little joy to the morning shop
Added a bag of chocolates - all champagne truffles - Saturday dinner - £2

Coffee from Monmouth - £8.50 - and delighted to see they will have some New Guinea beans in again this month

Then we saw the lovely Marie working for the day at the Olive Company so had a long chat with her - always a delight - she gave me a tub of articoke hearts - for a pasta sauce with parsley -though we didn't buy a thing!

Pork pie - weekend snack - from the son of Mrs Elizabeth King - £4.90

Booths for lots of veg - butternut -still there, bananas - lunches, cucumber - lunches and dinners, cabbage - bali salad, peppers, fennel - salad Friday night, sugarsnaps - lunches, spring onions - noodles Monday night, rocket and lettuce - salad for weekend and Tuesday night with pasta - £8

Spinach -spiced chicken stuffing - from Tony - £1.50
Milk and yoghurt - breakfast - from Neals Yard - £8.60

Croissants - plain and almond - from Flour Power - brunch - £3

Not bad for £66.84 - and my man was with me and carried the bags. Joy.

This time last year we were mostlyy eating pasta with girolles and guinea fowl with fennel.

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