Monday, September 24, 2007

And this week ... I bought

Seems autumn is here - though the sun came out eventually on the weeked the streets are strewn with fallen leaves and there is a rich gold everywhere you look in the park. The market was quiet first thing and vaguely gloomy in the half light but the stalls were bursting with good things. Started as ever at Ginger Pig - no Chris, no Karl, no John - most odd.

Bought a big piece of boned and rolled pork leg that we enjoyed roasted Sunday night and fed us for lunch through the week - £19.70

Then to the green market and the Isle of Wight stall for tomatoes -lunches - and a string of garlic, becauseI forgot to bring some back from France - £8.75

Eggs - still in the fridge but they'll be used next week - and skinny beef sausages - freezer - from Wild Beef - £5

Half dried olives - that must never be kept in the fridge but rather left at room temperature to slowly ooze oil - from the Turkish Table - £1.85

Apples - for lunches - from Chegworth from the first of this year's crop - £1.50

Saturday lunch was Exquisite parma ham and buffalo mozzarella from the parma stall - £8.70

Fish for a change - baby squids - crumbed and fried and dipped in garlic mayonnaise as an amouse bouche Saturday night and a thick tuna steak- grilled with roasted shallot salad for follow - from Furness - £13.70

Booths for a mass of stuff - cabbage - half with Sunday dinner and the rest stir fried with chilli bean sauce on Wednesday, cucumber - salads, peppers - stir fry Wednesday, sugarsnaps lunches, rocket- Saturday salad, potatoes - roasted Sunday, leeks - very tempted byt shiny little brussel sprouts but resisted - oranges - spiced oil, lemons, limes -salad dressing for Saturday night and then on noodles Monday - all for £9

Staggering a little under the mass of it headed to Neals Yard for milk, yoghurt and bread - £7.80

Then of course there was the need for a croissant for me and a brownie for the man - £2.50

£78.50 the lot and home on the bus

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