Monday, June 30, 2008

And This Week...I Bought

Rolling up first thing on Saturday Borough was very very quiet - seemed like almost no one was there at all. Loved it! But I did wonder if it's the credit crunch starting to bite - people baulking at the cost. Which is a shame if that is the case - if you shop carefully you can shop well at the market and still end up spending less than you would at the supermarket. With the added bonus of eating much better food. Be interesting to see how it pans out.

We started at Ginger Pig where I bought a big piece of rolled pork shoulder for Sunday roast and packed lunches and some bacon for a quiche Friday night - £15.50

Then to Booths where everything this week looked fresh for new potatoes hot Sunday then cold in salad for lunches, butternut squash roasted, asparagus made a slightly unsuccessful chinese style salad to go with burgers Monday night, zucchinis with Sunday roast and the rest with pasta and peas Wednesday night, cucumber, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes salads, particularly nicoise Tuesday night, spring onions fresh mint chutney with salmon Saturday night, bananas and garlic - £9.60

Some pale organic salmon fillets spice crusted Saturday night from Furness - £7.40

Eggs quiche and mince burgers from Lizzie at Wild Beef - where I got 3 packs for the price of two in the freezer because she had a lot to sell and decided that her regulars who buy two packs could have one free rather than waiting till the end of the day and selling it cheap to strangers - £10 - bargain!

Olives from Taste of Turkey - £2.90

Olive oil in a four litre tin from Apulia Blend - the first time I have bought general oil from them though I have once or twice bought small bottles of very 'posh' oil for special things - £16.50

Napoli salami Saturday sarni from Gastronomica - £2

Bread and milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £12.70

Scotch egg brunch from Ginger Pig - £3

Bread and brownie from Flour Power - £3

A not bad total of £82.60

This time last year we were mostly eating cauliflower cheese and pasta with broccoli and pine nuts


Erika said...

if you shop carefully you can shop well at the market and still end up spending less than you would at the supermarket.

Hmmm, great in theory, but I'd have to go without food every other week if I was spending £80/week on it! Will be making *very* careful choices when I go to Borough Market in the morning! Really like the idea of these posts though :)

bron said...

erika - know what you mean but the £80 is for two of us and includes lunches. We both work in central london so lunch is at the very least £4 each per day - which is £40 a week between us - if you buy it from a prĂȘt or a caff or whatever. The economics of it start to make some sense - and we eat extraordinarily well.