Monday, June 23, 2008

And This Week...I Bought

Cold, grey and windy Saturday had none of the joys necessary to start summer with a bang. Oh well. The market was busyish but not excessively so - things could have been worse.

Started at Ginger Pig for diced beef for a spectacularly good red cooked beef with noodles and greens Monday night with the other half in the frezzer for another day, unsmoked bacon and eggs -I made quiche! and it was delightful - £14.40

Then to Booths, where some of the veg - particularly the potatoes - didn't look entirely fab so we bought sugarsnaps, bananas, cucumber, lettuce, red pepper various salads, spring onions, precooked beetroots, thyme, chicory - £7.80 the lot

Got potatoes - some lovely Lincolnshire new ones and made a baked potato and cabbage pie topped with cheese Sunday night and cold for lunch next day - and fresh beetroot from Ted's Veg - £2.80

Tomatoes - baby plums some in lunches and the rest roasted and then in lunches - from the Isle of Wight - £3.50

Chocolates - £2

Coffee from Monmouth - £8.50

Strawberries and apples from Chegworth - £4.20

Salami lunch and an end of parma ham I fancy making a beef roast larded with parma ham that comes from an Anna Del Conte recipe - and I sampled some herb crusted cooked ham that may well find its way into my plans next week - from Gastronomica - £5.80

Smoked salmon - for a decadent breakfast treat - £5

Masses of dairy from Neals Yard - cow yoghurt, sheeps yoghurt, milk, multiple cartons of various creams and an english stick - £17.25

Then a brownie and a cottage loaf - and a small rosemary loaf from Flour Power - £4.50

And because I have been searching for an age without success - a tarragon plant and a basil plant - £5

Grand total - £80.75 - it is definitely costing more

This time last year we were mostly eating butter bean mash and eton mess. Last year the shopping list was most definitely cheaper. Time for some economy perhaps.

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