Monday, June 18, 2007

I Bought

We got to the market a little later than usual but struck lucky. It was in that little gap between the serious early shoppers and the hordes of tourists so it was easy enough to be served and have an occasional chat.

At Ginger Pig I gave Chris and Karl some toulouse sausages we'd bought them in France - taking meat to a butcher is a first for me. The toulouse sausages they sell are fabulous but utterly different to the ones we buy so I'd promised to get some for them to try. Be interesting to see what they think. Bought a piece of boned pork shoulder, a couple of pork chops, some pork mince and eggs - £20.25

A quick hello to Vaheed at Borough Olives before the vegetable stall at the back becasue the veg last week was good - got some fennel, lettuce, cucumber, a pointy headed cabbage and some onions - £6

Chocolates at Maison du Chocolat the ultimate bargain at £1 a bag - £2

Strawberries from Chegworth - the best for Eton mess and the rest for smoothies - £4

Booths for more veg - potatoes, sugarsnaps, bananas, satsumas, parsley, broccoli, and shiny black aubergines - £7

Spices from Hell have taken on the dry goods that Total Organics no longer sell as well as still selling herbs and spices so bought some short grain brown rice and, as an experiment, a basil plant that should grow happily till the autumn with full sun and watering. The watering is easy, may well be lost through lack of the other - £4.15
Scotch egg and a beef and guiness pie from Ginger Pig - because we are piggies, especially on the weekend - £8.50

Cream, milk, youghurt, pasta and bread from Neal s Yard - £12
Croissant and brownie from Flour Power - £3.50

A grand total of £67.40

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