Friday, June 29, 2007

And this week ... I bought

No market trip this week so it was make do with freezer and some vegetables from the week before and bits and pieces from the shop. Sunday night we were out for dinner - to the quite fabulous Galvins so Monday there were no lunches. Monday night was pasta with broccoli from the week before and very good it was for lunch as well on Tuesday.

Tuesday night we had the last of our own sausages that we made in a Ginger Pig class with Chris and Karl with butter bean mash and spiced aubergines. There was enough left over to have the veg for lunches Wednesday and Thursday - a really tasty spicy creamy treat

Wednesday I made burgers and salad with sour dough bread from St John's off sales - some of the finest bread in the land

Thursday was the ultimate ginger pig beef stew. From the freezer I took the diced beef that we brought home from the rib of beef class, the onion gravy from the sausage class, some cooked oxtail that was extra from when I cooked the first rib of beef and a small handful of marrow leftover from the same meal. Wednesday night I fried some onions and garlic, sealed the meat then added the gravy and marrow and set it over a low flame for a couple of hours. Served with pasta shells Thursday night it was intensely rich, a sort of essence of beef. Utterly wonderful.

Friday no lunches again! But a new dish tonight with lentils and chorizo and a recipe from Gordon Ramsay.

So no waste at all this week, rather the opposite as I used up all that was there and made a dent in the freezer as well. Result.

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