Monday, July 02, 2007

I Bought

Thoroughly bored with the rain now but still it comes. The market was wet and occasionally very wet to the point of unpleasant like London in general this last month. On the upside, it wasn't terribly busy. We started at Ginger Pig and bought a chicken which was £14 - a lot of money for a single bird but it was a sizable creature, pale pink flesh that was soft and dry not shiny and slimy like the supermarket versions. I wanted roast dinner Sunday and the left overs and stuffing would make fine lunch boxes so with that in mind I bought it, along with some diced bacon and eggs for a total of £16

Then across the other side for some mince from Wild Beef, 2 packs for £8 a bargain because the meat is fabulous

Little plum tomatoes from the Isle of Wight £3.50

Cauliflower, onions, a lot of rhubarb, parsley, and baby carrots from the veg stall at the back £10.50

Then to the Gastronomica shop for ricotta and pasta - £4.20

Strawberries from Chegworth 2 punnets a pound

Coffee from Monmouth - £8.50

Then to Booths for more veg - rocket and sugar snaps, cucumber and bananas - £4.30

Smoked salmon from the Irish stall - first time I've seen them for weeks - £4.50

Scotch egg and a steak and kidney pie from Ginger Pig - £8.50

Chocolates for Sam's birthday treat - £2

A sizeable lump of Montgomery cheddar along with bread, milk and yoghurt cost me £18.40 at Neals Yard
Then it was only a brownie at the end for my man - £1.50

Which comes to £90.90 but we needed lots to get through the week

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