Friday, July 27, 2007

And this week

Saturday night we had chicken kiev for supper that we'd made earlier at the ginger pig class and they were sensational. Served with boiled new potatoes and broccoli it was like being transported to the best version of the past. The kitchen smelt like warm garlic butter when we got up Sunday - lovely.

Sunday we had smoothies to start the day with a coffee before setting off for a little light shopping. Thick slices of pork pie on our return then roast pork for supper with roasted butternut, potatoes and steamed cabbage.

Monday was smoothies again then cold roast pork and butternut with salad for lunch and out to see Seventh Seal in the evening before a light supper at St Johns and home in the pouring rain

Tuesday I had defrosted a tub of rhubarb to go with yoghurt for the weeks breakfasts, for lunch more pork and salad and supper was pasta with leeks and porcini

Wednesday we had cold pasta for lunch then herb-crumbed aubergine with pepperonata for supper

Thusday we had the last of the roast pork with pepperonata and salad at lunch and the chicken fest continued in the evening with drumsticks stuffed with spiced mousse served with spiced rice and cabbage and ginger salad - a really interesting and well flavoured meal

Friday lunch were little bits of all that was left - spiced rice, pepperonata, ginger cabbage and little plum tomatoes. Dinner with Marie tonight

So at the end of the week there was another chicken breast in the freezer, the carrots and beetroots in the crisper await there fate, and one loaf of bread also went into the freezer for another day

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