Friday, July 06, 2007

And this week

Saturday we shared a scotch egg for brunch which seemed a little decadent but was very good nonetheless then I had a cheese sandwich while the man had half his pie for lunch. After watching the wonderful Golden Doors at the Ritzy and a quick shop at Lee Ho Fook supper was smoked salmon, marinated tofu and vinegar rice which was pretty fab
Sunday was smoothies to start, vinegar rice, smoked salmon and salad for lunch and the best roast chicken stuffed with bacon and barley, a quite magnificent bird surrounded with roast potatoes and onions, delightful cauliflower cheese and peas. Proper Sunday dinner

Monday was smoothies and coffee for breakfast, chicken, stuffing, cauliflower cheese, roasted onions and raw sugar snaps for lunch and also for Tuesday and Wednesday, and dinner Monday night was noodles with tofu, pork fillet (from the freezer) and bok choy

Tuesday was rhubarb and yoghurt for breakfast - same for the rest of the week and supper was polpette with tomato sauce and orrechiette

Wednesday I went to see La Bout de Souffle at the Barbican and the man had the last of the fab Ginger Pig beef stew for supper and I had the last of the roast chicken with salad when I came home much later and we went to bed happy

Thursday we had polpette and pasta for lunch - very good cold and I was out for a farewell dinner with my friend Andrea who's off to live in Edinburgh

Friday I shall buy my lunch from one of the many stalls in Whitecross Street market and dinner may well be something from a stand if the rain holds off - after the last month that seems pretty unlikely - and we go to the Oval for twentytwenty cricket. The man loves cricket.

Some leftovers this week - one of the packs of ground beef went into the freezer but is out again now along with the rest of the bacon to make spag bol Saturday night, carrots and tomatoes but they are fine for next week, a little of the cheese but that will get snacked on and half a cucumber that might still be okay for salad with the pasta. A couple of onions too but they will get used but the last of the rocket had to be binned.

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