Monday, July 16, 2007

I Bought

Arriving just before nine on Saturday morning Borough Market was blissfully quiet and easy to get around. Had a chat with Karl and Chris in Ginger Pig about their lack of plans yet for the chicken class we're going to tomorrow night at the Marylebone shop but no doubt they'll think up something. Bought a lovely piece of belly pork, a couple of pork chops and a quite magnificent piece of topside to roast and a breast of chicken for £30.50

They had no spare ribs so bought a rack of ribs from Silfield for £3.80

Next was green pepper and cucumber juice from Total Organics to keep us going - £3

Tomatoes from the Isle of Wight - but no garlic stall which was disaster - £3.50

Bought onions and garlic instead from the stall out the back - £1.60
Dried olives from Taste of Turkey because they'll go well with cold roast beef in lunch boxes - £1.25

Then a slice of ginger parkin for my man because he loves cake and knows what a parkin is (I have no idea) £1.50

Didn't need cheese or coffee or chocolate so it was back to the other side for strawberries from Chegworth after a chat with Marie - £2.50

Napoli salami from Gastronomica for a sandwich with rocket for lunch - £1.80
Dried butter beans from herbs from heaven - £1.30

Decent tuna from Brindisa - £3.50
Then to Booths for potatoes, cucumber, spring onions, bananas, rocket, celery, cauliflower, aubergines, sugarsnaps and a sweet smelling gaia melon - £10

Lots of peppers and a bowl of seedless grapes from Tony - £3

Milk, yoghurt - cow's milk as there was none of the lovely ewe's milk yoghurt I bought last week, bread and spaghetti and a small tub of cream - £12

Almond croissant for me from Flour Power and pain au raisin for the man as he really likes a good pain au raisin though sadly this turned out to not entirely belong in that category - £3.50

A not unreasonable £82.75 but a very heavy collection of bags

Set off later for Chinatown to get the rest of what I needed for Chinese supper and bought thousand year old eggs - that's them in the photo, coriander and ginger fresh, cumin and coriander powdered, fresh egg noodles and jasmine rice and a coconut for £12.90

So overall I spent £95.65 but it will be a good week


johnj said...

Er....I might be missing something here but 3 pounds for cucumber and green pepper juice?

Couldn't you have blended that yourself for a helluva lot cheaper?

I suppose the title of this blog isn't "cooking on a budget" but still, that sounds a little excessive.

bron said...

It's true it's not cheap but it is an indulgence. A reward if you like for being out doing the week's shop at 9am instead of still in bed reading the papers! Had strawberry and banana smoothies - made at home - for the next couple of days which were pretty splendid.