Friday, July 13, 2007

This Week

Saturday the sun shone all day - still haven't got over that particular miracle. Rained ever since. July going the same way as June and May before that. We made the most of it. After a quick snack of sausage roll and almond croissant we went to Victoria to meet up with the always delightful Jaey and Marie and watch the time trials for the Tour de France - first ever grand depart from London. Lots of whizzy bikes and men in lycra - why is it always only men in those outfits? - amongst a genial crowd. It was fun. Had a pub lunch, which seemed a good idea but sat heavily for the rest of the afternoon. We sauntered off home for dinner of spaghetti bolognese I'd made Friday night, salad and garlic bread preceded by olives and hummus and vine leaves and followed by cheese and oat cakes. Easy peasy and close to perfect.

Sunday it was smoothies for breakfast, scotch egg for lunch and the second pork loin from our butchery class barded with rosemary, sage and garlic and roasted with potatoes, carrots and courgettes. It was a beautiful piece of meat, and great cold in lunch boxes for the week.
Monday my man made smoothies for breakfast - he's talented like that. We had chick pea curry, dry spiced cauliflower and rice for dinner and the leftovers cold for lunch on Tuesday.

Tuesday it was rhubarb and yoghurt for breakfast - I bought so much rhubarb last time that I froze some for the future and the future is now. After work we went to see Panic Attack, the punk art exhibition at the Barbican which was great idea poorly curated then home to hot pitta bread with the rest of the hummus and salad followed by cheese and oatcakes which made for a fabulous supper ready in about 5 minutes

Wednesday it was back to roast pork and salad for lunch and spaghetti with tomato and ginger for a bright supper

Thursday the sun shone momentarily after a day of drizzle so we had sausages with potato salad and beetroot salad and a green salad in case we don't see the sun again till next year

Friday we shall have courgette frittata with the last of the truffle cheese for a decadent Friday repast while I make a vague plan for next week

Bar a couple of lemons that will be happy till next week there was nothing leftover or thrown away this week which is good but I did run out of garlic, which is akin to disaster

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