Monday, July 09, 2007

I Bought

After what seems like an eternity the sun shone from a sky that was endless blue, that it was also Saturday raised it to pretty much miracle status. Joy of joys, there was no one much at the market at 9 o'clock so it was quick and easy to shop.

Started at Wild Beef for eggs and sausages - they sell particularly fine thin beef sausages - £5.80

Needed Parmesan and wanted cheese to finish supper Saturday night so stopped at Gastronomica and bought as well a hard sheep's cheese studded with black truffle, a meltingly soft ewe's milk disc the size of a saucer and an ash covered log of ripe goat's cheese- with a good chunk of Parmesan it was £20 the lot

Then on to Borough Olives for a tub of dolmades - a bargain at £2
Chocolates from Maison du Chocolat for Mandy at work who's about to be a bride - £4

Lettuce and cauliflower and onions from the veg stall out the back - £3.20

Strawberries because it is summer from Chegworth though their supplies were a little depleted after all the rain we've had - bought a big punnet just in case - £2.50

Then saw Marie at her new olive stall in fine form. She queried whether, by shaving their legs, the men competing in the Tour de France really do go faster. But it must be true - I'd done mine before going out and we were much faster round the market than usual!

Scotch egg and a hot sausage roll from Ginger Pig - call me Madam Piggly Wiggly - £6

Semi dried black olives - a new favourite - from Taste of Turkey and a thick block of olive oil soap to see what it 's like - £3.75

Booths for beans and sugar snaps, red Duke of York potatoes, lemons and packed cooked beetroot, courgettes and bananas and a couple of little cucumbers, like the ones I used to eat in Sydney - £6
Neals Yard for milk and bread, yoghurt and pasta - £12.70

Then it was only a brownie and an almond croissant from flour power to round out the morning - £3.50
Total of £69.45

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