Monday, July 30, 2007

I Bought

Arrived at Borough Market about 9 on Saturday with a hangover and no plan at all. Not ideal. Went to Ginger Pig, decided steak dinner was the only option for Saturday supper. Bought a thick slice. With salad and garlic bread it was sensational, leftovers went into lunchboxes Monday They had topside on sale for £10.95 a kilo and the piece we had recently was so fabulous that I bought a huge hunk of that - had forgotten we were out Sunday night so it's in the freezer for next week - lots of beef for £36.

Next was some juice from total organics - £3

Some golden yolked eggs from Wild Beef - scrambled eggs Sunday night after brilliant Kronos Quartet and frittata Wednesday night for the other half - £1.50

Oak leaf, cucumber - salads Saturday and Wednesday, leeks - vaguely unsuccessful curry Thursday night and garlic from Ted's Veg - £3.80

Strawberries - smoothies - from Chegworth - £2.50

Zucchinis - frittata, rocket - with peanut butter and sprouts for fabulous sandwiches for lunch on Saturday, potatoes, butternut, aubergine - all still in the fridge, bananas, beetroot sprouts and lemons - fridge from Booths - £10

Ummed and Ahhed about a bag of ham bones at Brindisa but didn't get them - might next week and cook them with some beans - will buy some this week me thinks

Milk - daily, bread - lunch and dinner Saturday and yoghurt - smoothies and breakfast in the week -from Neals Yard - £9.50

Almond croissant and chocolate brownie - indulgence- £3.50

Then time to go home for coffee and a little sit down - £69.80

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