Monday, July 23, 2007

I Bought

If it's possible to have blustery sunshine then that sums up Saturday morning at the market. Heavy storms for the afternoon. Not busy at Borough so that was something. We started as always at the Ginger Pig where Karl was glowering at the world and assuring all who'd listen that he needed a holiday - he's not wrong. We bought pork leg on the bone, as Chris is forever saying no one buys it and it ends up in the sausages, a bargain at £6.99 a kilo and with a chicken breast it was a quite reasonable £17.70

Juice with fennel, orange and carrot from Total Organics - £3

Eggs from Wild Beef, the last lot were lovely with really deep golden yolks - £1.50

Tomatoes from Isle of Wight - £3.50
Bunches of baby beetroots and carrots, onions and garlic from Ted's Veg - £4

Coffee beans from Monmouth - £9

Strawberries the size of a child's fist, less than a dozen to make a pound wieght - from Chegworth - £2.50

Pork pie from Mrs Elizabeth King - £4.90

Cabbage and potatoes, sugarsnaps and beans, aubergine and bananas, an orange and a big head of broccoli, and a butternut squash to go with the roast pork - £10

Peppers from Tony - 3 for a pound

Milk and bread and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £6.70

Croissant and chocolate brownie for our brunch - £3.50

Satsumas from Elsey & Bent - £1.20

£69.50 - then home on the bus

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