Friday, June 15, 2007

And this week

Having been in France for a few days last week, including the weekend, there was no trip to the market so eating for the week came from stuff we had and bits I bought to supplement it. Back Sunday I had thawed a piece of gammon out in the fridge while we were away so it was ready to cook and glaze to feed us for lunches. Being extraordinarily forethinking I had made some herbed bean salad to go with it. The freezer also had chorizo and a loaf of bread, plus there were eggs in the fridge so we had fried sandwiches for supper, garnished with the heart of the slightly sad looking lettuce that was still in the crisper

Monday we had pork chops from the freezer, jersey royals from the little fruit shop round the corner and green salad with fennel from the fridge, rocket and celery from the local shop

Tuesday we had rocket and celery as well as carrots and tomatoes with ham for lunch and chicken - from the freezer - with potatoes and spinach from Waitrose. The spinach was English and a nice deep green. I hoped it would be robust enough for creamed spinach but alas - when the packet was opened the leaves were 'baby' so steamed with butter and nutmeg was best

Wednesday we had a late - and utterly fabulous - supper of pasta with dried porcini Delighted to read about Chris and Karl from the Ginger Pig in the Guardian - 2 pages and a photo!

Thursday the man had the left over pasta for lunch, I had ham salad, and we had lemon risotto for supper as I had rice and stock and a lemon indoors and rosemary in the garden. It was from a recipe of Nigella Lawson's paying homage to Anna Del Conte that was okay but not as special to eat as it sounded to read. Some you lose

Friday the last of the risotto went in with the last of the ham for lunches. The man suggested seafood at Wrights for supper to which I agreed with alacrity.

Not a bad week. Market tomorrow to replenish stocks.

Not much left to throw away - even used the last two egg whites to make meringue for Eton mess for the weekend.

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