Friday, November 07, 2008

And this week I wanted...I bought...I made

Saturday night the lovely David is coming for dinner so I'm thinking roast - probably beef. Or maybe pork. Beef it was and a magnificent piece at that with a fabulous collection of salads Sunday maybe lunch out at the Oak in Clapham, okay but noisy and simple pasta tea that plan changed when Jaey and Marie came over late afternoon bearing champagne to celebrate her birthday so we all sat down to roast beef and salads from the fridge - dinner was ready in moments and just as fab as the night before. Monday grilled pork chops with mash and cabbage yes but with salad. Tuesday stirfry noodles a slightly unsuccessful chicken and peanuts and spicy cabbage. Wednesday I have french so it will have to be something simple and quick but we've run out of pork and beans so maybe omelette and salad properly french with spinach and fritons and ready in minutes. Thursday my sister hits town with her friend so we shall meet they were tired but full of stories of their travels so far. Friday I so don't know turns out the pack light plan didn't happen so my sister and her friend are spending a little quality time at the market this afternoon and bringing us a picnic supper as well as lots of suitcases to mind while they continue their sojourn.

At the Ginger Pig I bought a large piece of top rump - over 2 kilos in weight. The butcher compared two pieces for me - they were practically the same weight. So bought the first one for £27 - serious money for serious meat It was lovely roasted to just pink it served us well for dinner with guests both Saturday and Sunday and then for lunch till mid week

Then to Booths for potatoes for potato salad, garlic, a large bag of dried porcini for the pantry, fennel salad with carrots and celery already in the fridge, spinach omelette Wednsday night, zucchinis, plum tomatoes, dill and shallots all intended for a new chick pea dish that didn't happen so the zucchinis and tomatoes have had to be binned as we are away now till Wednesday but it can't be helped plus lots of dried fruit - apricots, raisins, blueberries and sultanas meant for compote but will have to be next week now - £14.50

At Furness my timing was bad - was being served as the bullet headed fat bloke decided to wash the floor and started shoving water at me with the fury of a man with a crab attached to his nether regions. Most odd. Hope it cheered his day - did nothing for mine. Did manage to get some prawns and after all that they went into the bin as they had been meant for Sunday night and then couldn't use them Monday either so too far away from the sea by Tuesday - £2.70

Then to the Gastronomica shop for tagliatelle in the cupboard - £1.50

Eggs for omelette and sausages for freezer from a very cheerful Lizzie back at Wild Beef after a few weeks away though bearing the bad news that egg prices will go up next week to cover the cost of feed - £5.50
Parmesan from the Gastronomica cheese stall - a lovely hunk for the fridge - £7

Then to complete the hat trick braesola from the last Gastronomica stall Saturday lunch and a little on toast for Sunday breakfast. Piled onto the top of their counter was panettone, more specifically chocolate panettone which we bought last year to find that it was utterly amazing. But when we returned the next week seeking more there was none to be had. They had sold their entire christmas allocation and there would be no more. When I fell on them with delight on Saturday the guy serving told me that last year their wholesaler had promised them more then sold the lot to a restaurant leaving them with a load of disappointed customers. So they have dealt direct with the manufacturer this year - so with luck they will be around for a few weeks yet. So that cost me £19 As fabulous as it was last year - we had it as dessert Saturday night with David who had been there the first time so was delighted with its reappearance, then more with Jaey and Marie and then for a couple of lunchtime treats

Then to Monmouth for coffee - a dark columbian roast - £8.50

Apples from Chegworth - £1.20

Peppers with some I had from last week roasted then dressed in basil oil from Tony - £1

Milk, yoghurt and bread from Neals Yard - £11.20

More bread from Flour Power, but no need for brownies - £1

So this week was expensive - £100.10 - but some pretty wonderful treats in there

This time last year we were mostly eating oxtail lasagne.

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