Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Running Order

This is how to make rack of lamb with crisp new potatoes, carrot and parsnip mousses and green beans to serve in one hour and twenty minutes.

Start Scrape and parboil potatoes. Peel and chop 2 cloves garlic. – 15 minutes

10 minutes Peel and dice carrots and parsnips – 10 minutes

Parboil carrots with cardamom for 20 minutes.

Parboil parsnips separately – 15 minutes

15 minutes Top and tail beans, simmer – 10 mins

20 minutes Chop bacon and sweat – 5 minutes

20 minutes Drain potatoes and saute in duck fat – 30 minutes

22 minutes Chop spring onions, drain carrots and parsnips, make puddings with egg and tbspn butter, stir in spring onions Boil kettle for bain marie – 5 minutes

27 minutes Seal lamb, fat side down – 3 minutes

30 minutes Roast in oven – 15 minutes Plates in to warm

40 minutes Carrot puddings into bain marie and into oven for 20 minutes

40 minutes Make crust with 2 tbspn almonds, 1 tbspn chervil and tarragon – 4 mins

45 minutes Coat the fat side of the meat with the crumb mix and cook for 10 minutes

55 minutes Season cooked lamb and set aside.

55 minutes Remove bacon, deglaze pan with 125ml wine, bubble cognac.

1 hour Whisk in 30g butter - 10 minutes

1 hour 5 min Finish beans in a little olive oil – 2 mins

1 hour 10 Potatoes onto plate, topped with sliced lamb, drizzle of sauce across, carrots and beans onto plate, delicate ziggerzagger round the outside edge

It works.


Joie de vivre said...

What a nice post. I like the timeline.

bron said...

Thank you - I was really pleased with the logic of the way it worked. And dinner was wonderful!

Anne said...

Dinner looks great!

I am terrible at just scribbling down on a notepad as I go along, occasionally noting time on the clock and hope I can remember the rest when typing up!