Monday, December 08, 2008

And this week I bought...and Made

Been very busy of late with family in town and lots of going out and not much cooking at home and then to top it off I was lead cook for food chain Sunday so had to do the prep for that for lunch for 64 lucky souls. So by Saturday morning I had an idea of what the week will be but no time before to be blogging.

I started at Ginger Pig where I bought a piece of pork to roast for Sunday roast and cold in lunches for a few days and a really fine piece of meat it was - £12.70

Then to Booths for veg - butternut, potatoes, fat sprouts roast dinner Sunday, then cold in lunches till Wednesday, courgettes in a chickpea dish Monday night that needs a little work, black kale same chick pea dish, purple broccoli, pine nuts fabulous pasta Wednesday night and clementines - £8.30

From Lizzie at Wild Beef I bought some of her lovely thin beef sausages which we had with english stick and ketchup for a decadent lunch Saturday afternoon, a treat that may need repeating if this winter stays as bleak as it is - £4

Tried for orrechiette at Gastronomica but no joy
So bought penne at Neals Yard as well as milk, bread and yoghurt - £9.40

And that was all - like most people we are set for some treats with others over the next few weeks so time at home will continue to be briefer than usual. Spent a total of £34.60

Also bought butter, brown sugar, hazelnuts and mustard and bread from Comptoir Gascon and a lettuce for salad with omelette Friday night using up the eggs from the week before last. Also had some olives and cheese from the week before that we enjoyed with some of the cheese going into an omelette Friday. Nothing much thrown away.

This time last year we were mostly eating garlic and white bean soup and before that daube of duck and prunes both fine winter dishes.

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