Friday, December 12, 2008

And this week I wanted...I bought...I made

The next week being pre xmas is busy even for us. The world has gone mad. So for the weekend I'm planning some new dishes from my new Fuchsia Dunlop cookbook as a Saturday night special. Sunday roast perhaps pork again as the pork last week was particularly fine. Monday I am out with the ladies from my former french class, so the man will fend for himself. Tuesday we are singing carols with Food Chain and Jaey and Marie in Soho and will eat at the new Brindisa after. Wednesday is the xmas party for the man's office. Thursday perhaps some lentils. Friday I think sausage sandwiches.

Then Saturday when we got up it was pouring with rain, just massively depressingly wet and windy. So decided to use some daube and some cheese sauce from the freezer to make a lasagne for Saturday supper then the man can have leftovers Monday when I'm out.

Felt thoroughly bedraggled by the time I got to the market - the only good thing about the rain being the lack of queues. At Ginger Pig I ordered a chicken for xmas and bought another piece of pork shoulder same as last week because it really was so good, and half a kilo of braising steak as well as a big bag of pork bones - £17.30

Then to Booths for potatoes, sweet potatoes, sprouts, clementines, a huge bunch of basil and a big butternut whilst running in and out of the rain, the occasional drip down the back of my neck for £8.20

Eggs - look at the difference between the dark gold yolks of Wild Beef eggs and the last of a free range pack I bought locally - and a couple of packs of coarse mince from Wild Beef plus a packet of porridge oats to get us through to the New Year - £11.70

Then to the Taste of Turkey olive stand where we had a lovely chat about the finer points of dried olives which I adore and after sampling a few bought a tub of particularly fine black ones and a bar of olive oil soap for the man - £6.60

Walking back into the main hall there was a choir singing carols and they were beautiful

Then went to Neals Yard for milk and bread - £5.60

And a cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1

Tried for chicken carcasses at Wyndhams but, like Ginger Pig, they had none. Something of a disaster as we have fully run out of stock

So I spent £50.40

There is a small branch of Ginger Pig just opened in Lower Marsh where there is also a café so I was hoping for what could possibly be the best fry up in London only to find the café was not yet operational - too sad - but they did have chicken carcasses and wings at the Ginger Pig - so all was not lost

And we had a pretty fab fry up at the Chunnel Bar across the road so the morning could reasonably be judged a success!

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