Monday, December 22, 2008

Garlic Mushrooms

Some things are so easy and so perfect. Able & Cole very kindly gave me a box of their organic produce to sample and the first thing that I absolutely had to eat was a bag of lovely mushrooms. I eat them many ways but the desire that sprang unbidden was mushroom sauce atop a steak. Not of the Diane variety with its creamy wiles - I wanted simpler even than that to test my lovely fungus.

I just peeled a fat clove of garlic and chopped it finely, warmed a generous nob of butter wit half a tablespoon of olive oil then fried my thinly sliced beauties till they gave up their juices and simmered prettily in the pan. The room filled with that lovely smell. A good grinding of black pepper and perfection was reached.

To serve? Good thick rump steak grilled to bloody rare under a small ridge of crisp fat. Then nothing more than a crisp green salad on the side dressed with a little spiced oil.
Mushrooms cooked like this are also brilliant tossed with pasta shells, over plain rice or served with grilled chicken.

The very essence of Saturday special.


Anne said...

I adore mushrooms and get through tubs in a week! Lucky you getting them to 'test', its a harsh life us bloggers have ;-)


bron said...

Anne 'tis a harsh life indeed - but someone must do it.

I love wild mushrooms too and like having dried ones in the cupboard to make risotto and pasta and just to add some amazing element to slow cooked beef stews.

monchichi said...

Hi there, thanks for the great tips, and I'm gonna have a look at your blog before I go to Borough Market, just to make sure I get the best of the tried and tested!

bron said...

Hey monchichi glad if I can help.

You say on your blog that the cheese you had from comte was one of the nicest things you'd ever had. Even after all these years shopping there that is still consistently my experience with pretty much everything I buy.

As someone who obviously enjoys food hope you find the same.