Friday, February 13, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made


We're away for the weekend so think a simple roast beef very rare Sunday night might be easiest. Monday the man can have the pasty from the freezer and a little salad and I shall have egg on toast later. Tuesday noodles I think the man was out so I treated myself to a steak from the Ginger Pig shop on Lower Marsh, Wednesday the last of the chilli from the freezer chicken and broccoli stir fry with rice, Thursday risotto the last of the beef and mushroom stew from the freezer with sprouts and carrots and Friday, little culture vultures that we are, we're off to the theatre again.

Started as ever at the fabulous Ginger Pig where Charlie had found this blog and liked it so that was nice. I bought a hunk of topside Sunday dinner and lunches till Thursday and a chicken breast stir fry Wednesday night and spent £20.35 which felt like a lot

Then to Booths where I started out with the idea of leeks but they had brussel tops, and we had some with dinner a few weeks ago at the Anchor & Hope that were very tasty and I fancied trying to replicate them steamed then buttered with roast dinner - yum, also bought potatoes roasted, broccoli stir fried, spring onions, carrots, brussel sprouts with roast and with stew, small turnips intended for risotto but still there and a large bunch of parsley some with thyme for a white bean salad for lunches, the rest will do the turnips for £7.80

Just eggs fried on toast Monday night from Wild Beef - £1.50

A good lump of Parmesan for the fridge from Gastronomica - £4

Fennel salami Saturday sarnies before we set off from the other Gastronomica - £2.20

Chocolates for the parents of the man as we were off to visit them for the weekend from Maison du Chocolat - £2

Bread and milk from Neals Yard - £4.80

So a fairly reasonable total of £42.65 - and then decided we'd take some lovely cheese to the parents of the man as well so bought an ash covered log of goat cheese and a huge lump of sheeps cheese for £23.15

So finally spent £65.80

Didn't buy much extra this week, apart from some onions and a couple of tins of white beans and tomatoes, and of course rocket to steak on Tuesday...

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