Friday, February 27, 2009

This week I wanted... I bought... I made

After the vast amounts spent last week this week I shall try and be a little more frugal. Saturday we may well go out for lunch (possibly not the best start to frugality) so dinner can be cold collation or in fact hot collation of chorizo, padrone peppers, feta cheese and olives all from last weeks tapas with some crusty bread. Sunday I have food chain so I think roast chicken and veg Sunday night will be lovely and easy. Monday a treat for the man - may well be beans on toast was in fact lamb and barley stew from foodchain with a lovely ginger cheesecake to follow! Tuesday bean curd and peppers or something similar much less similar in fact was duck breast with duck fried potatoes and chicory and blood orange salad. Wednesday pasta - maybe with bacon and chilli as it's quick and it's been a while made bolognese sauce Tuesday night with mince from the freezer and the smoked bacon and had spag bol both Wednesday and Thursday and enough left for the man for his dinner Monday. Thursday duck bit salad. Friday hot sausages an experiment with green peppers and eggs.

At Ginger Pig I bought a chicken, a big thing though smaller than the biggest, for Sudnay dinner and then cold for lunches till Thursday and it was £13.40

At Booths I bought potatoes, swedes, parsnips, leeks, carrots with Sunday dinner and cold in lunches - the root veg were cubed and roasted together with garlic, ginger and chilli in olive oil, blood oranges, garlic, beetroot and thyme for £8.20

At Brindisa I bought some sweet smoked paprika for £2.75

From Wild Beef I bought eggs dinner Monday and Fridayfor £1.50

Then peppers Friday from Tony - £1

Milk and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £5.90

And bread and hot cross buns from Flour Power - because I love hot cross buns! - £4

So a much more manageable £36.75
And bought almost nothing more apart from a loaf of bread from St John in the week, half of which is in the freezer, some onions and a couple of tins of cirio tomatoes.


Tanika said...

Hi Bron, have been a subscriber to your blog for a little while now and you never fail to infuse some of your creativity and inspiration into me and thus, into my own kitchen here in Australia.
I was wondering if you might have some ideas or recipes for savoury slices ? E.g zucchini slice
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

bron said...

Tanika I love it - a challenge! I like savoury slices too - they can be good for lunches and easy too. For now you could try the charcuterie loaf - - which is easy, tastes great and is incredibly beautiful when you cut it into slices.

Also the rice and spinach loaf might be the sort of thing you are looking for. - you can chop lots of fresh herbs into it as well.

Will think some more about it and post what I find.

So glad you like the blog.

Bron xx