Friday, March 06, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

We're off to the theatre Saturday night to see Pete Postlethwaite as King Lear so that will be a treat except it wasn't, he was good but the rest of the cast were appalling so not a good night at the theatre. Will have a late afternoon brunch of hot sausage sarnies damned fine they were too with a thick garnish of rocket I think. Sunday I'm planning to go to South Ken to the science museum so would like to make a spanich rice dish wonderful and good for lunch for a couple of days that I bought most of the stuff for a couple of weeks ago for the tapas night then realised I'd bought enough to cater for the five thousand. Monday I'm out and the man can have the spaghetti from the freezer. Tuesday I would like grilled pork chops with some lentil salad and a bread salad that a man in Portugal emailed me about and instead we had ma po tofu and carrot and ginger stir-fry with rice and enough left for lunch Wednesday. Wednesday is french so a quick pasta after I made a lemon cream pasta from a recipe from the River Café and it was horrible - it is a very long time since I made something that was so bad it went into the bin so we ended up with bread and cheese instead, Thursday I am really going to have my tofu tea since that was Tuesday I made a really lovely chicken casserole with butter bean mash. Friday omelette perhaps spinach with a little snack to start of chorizo and a few olives.

Had a list for the market Saturday and we were there by 9 to find Borough pretty quiet and calm. Went to Wyndhams stall - they have closed their shop as the rents have been pushed very high recently - and bought some chicken pieces casserole Thursday night with enough for the man to have for dinner Monday night and a couple of carcasses lots of lovely stock for the freezer which cost £7.90

Then to Lizzie at Wild Beef for eggs and sausages - seriously love her thin beef sausages grilled for Saturday brunch - for £5.60

Bought cheese at Gastronomica - Parmesan and a truffled sheep's cheese with bread for Wednesday's emergency alternative supper - £12.70

Coffee from Monmouth - £8.50

Had thought I would not buy anything from Ginger Pig - but obviously I can't just walk past so ducked in and bought some unsmoked oyster bacon that looked beautiful so glad I did as the man made scambled eggs and bacon and toast and coffee for breakfast Sunday and it was just fantastic, thoroughly decadent way to start the day - £2.70

At Booths I needed rocket, carrots, spanish onions and spring onions - £2.20
Peppers from Tony - £2

Milk, ciabatta, cream and pasta from Neals Yard - £8.90

Hot cross buns from Flour Power - £2

A grand total of £52.50 - not too bad. Have also bought parsley, tofu and spinach. And a baguette.

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