Friday, March 13, 2009

! wanted...I bought ... I made

Should be an easy shop this week. Saturday I think steak would be nice with a little salad and it was a total treat. Sunday we are out in the evening so nothing perhaps or a salad at lunch took ourselves down to the Fentiman intending to have lunch in the garden but the only tables left were in the shade and they were charging £13.50 for an okay but not great roast so we went home and had some roast pork and roasted vegetable salad that I'd made for lunches in the week and it was very fine indeed. And then we had pizza at the Ritzy for dinner and that was not bad. Monday I am out and there is already some chicken casserole for the man. Tuesday we are going to the Fat Duck for dinner and I don't think it's possible to be more excited than I am at the prospect of dinner and not burst. Wednesday might try for pasta again very simple zucchini and garlic and chilli flakes fried for 10 minutes in basil oil then topped with Parmesan but an edible one this week. Thursday stir-fry noodles. And Friday we are off to Mauritius for a holiday. Yay!

Saturday was a little overcast to start but the weatherman promised sun! At Ginger Pig we were a bit undecided about the weekend plan so bought a humungous piece of rump steak, a beautiful piece of pork shoulder well ridged with creamy fat and a single pork steak which came to a not unsubstantial £34.70 - which meant we got free sausage rolls as I had got that far on the customer loyalty card - lunch sorted!

Then we went to Booths for rocket, courgettes, tomatoes, carrots and spring onions for £3.40

At Wild Beef I returned about 20 empty egg cartons and bought one full one - £1.50

At Neals Yard I bought milk, bread and a tub of rhubarb and yoghurt for £7.80

Last of all some hot cross buns because I am miss piggy! - £2 at Flour Power

So only £49.40 - though I also bought fennel, aubergine, onions and parsley at Brixton Market and some tinned cannelini beans as well

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