Friday, May 15, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

We're out Saturday afternoon so I'm thinking perhaps fish and new potatoes and asparagus for dinner - tasty and quick but instead we had asparagus with hot chorizo for lunch then steak and salad for dinner, such decadence. Have some rice in the freezer so I think roast chicken stuffed with rice and herbs for Sunday with new potatoes and cabbage for lightness really good idea. Monday I have some lamb chops that I bought at the real food festival last week and I can resist them no longer with some spinach and more new potatoes I love lamb chops but can rarely afford them, they are just wildly expensive at Borough. Tuesday we are seeing Waiting for Godot which I am seriously looking forward to, fancy more Chinese Wednesday spaghetti with breadcrumbs and Parmesan, perhaps risotto Thursday tofu with scrambled eggs and carrot and ginger stirfry, and sausage sarnie Friday night will be cream of chicken soup with the last of that lovely bird and stock from the carcass.

It was cold Saturday morning at Borough Market - and the rest of London. Spring is faltering. Had a rethink about asparagus and fish and asked the man whether he'd like asparagus for lunch. His face lit up so I took it as a yes. As we wandered up to the market Farmer Sharp had a handwritten sign offering 4 week hung rump steak for £12 a kilo and not one to ignore a genuine bargain I bought a thickish slice for Saturday special supper - £7.80

Then to Ginger Pig - still looking shiny and fresh and decidedly rearranged - and I bought a big chicken Sunday dinner and cold in lunches then soup Friday night and some smoked and some unsmoked bacon mostly in the freezer apart from a couple of smoked rashers that I chopped into the stuffing - £17.20

At Booths I bought lots of cornish new potatoes, garlic, cucumber, bananas, spring cabbage, spring onions and sugarsnaps all used up for £8.60

Got eggs from Wild Beef tofu and scrambled egg Thursday night - £1.50

A nice hunk of Parmesan spaghetti with breadcrumbs Wednesday night and the rest in the fridge for the next month or so from Gastronomica for £5.50

A bunch of choice asparagus from the farm stall Saturday lunchtime - £3.50

The man asked if we were getting parma ham to go with the asparagus and I said I was thinking chorizo and got a delighted smile so it was off to Brindisa for a six pack of the spicy snags two with lunch and the rest in the freezer - £5.50

Lovely fat strawberries smoothies Sunday and Monday from Chegworth £2 for 2 punnets

Neals Yard for milk, yoghurt and bread - £7.80

A cottage loaf from Flour Power - £1.10 - it does really make lovely toast

That's the lot for the week so far - £60.50

Also bought tofu, spinach, butter and peanut butter and am searching for semolina to make some shortbread...


Angie said...

I have never tried tofu. A bit scared i might do the wrong thng with it and it be horrible. Any tips?

LOL lamb anything is wildly expensive even up here in Lincs.


bron said...

I know what you mean - the first few times I tried cooking tofu it was always a disaster and we'd end up having sandwiches. Then I discovered firstly you need to buy firm - not silken. Even though silken sounds nicer it has the consistency of just set custard and will disintegrate. Cut the block of firm tofu into cubes and cover them in hot salt water for half an hour to firm it up. Then - voila! - use as you desire. Big fan.