Friday, May 29, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

f u n e m? s i f m - and asparagus to go with it! Yum.

Busy week coming up - foodchain Sunday so shop for it Saturday so something simple Saturday night, maybe grilled chicken and salad what we had in the end was asparagus served with some really good smoked ham that Abel & Cole sent me to try. Have to admit I was a touch dubious about whether it would be good enough because it seems to be impossible these days to buy simply sliced packaged ham that tastes amazing - or even really good. Happy to say that this was just like proper old fashioned ham, judiciously smoked and lovely and moist. Sunday I think I will roast a half shoulder of lamb from the freezer with lentils and herbs - simple and tasty did have the lamb roasted with rosemary and garlic but had new potatoes and buttered pointy cabbage and roasted onions - and it was simple and tasty. Monday I'm thinking frittata with leeks had omelette with taragon and salad topped with some fresh sheeps milk cheese that the lovely people at Able & Cole gave me to sample. Tuesday we are out to Richmond for BBQ! Yay! Wednesday I'd like pasta with bacon and asparagus and I really liked lentils with chorizo and sheeps cheese so will get some fresh from my local veg shop, Thursday the man is - ostensibly - out so I might treat myself to a little steak and Friday both my mother and my aunt will be with us so I'm planning ham leeks and peas and maybe even a cake a ginger one with cheeses to go with.

The sun definitely had its hat on Saturday - it was so lovely out didn't need a coat or a cardi to go out to Borough. Started at Ginger Pig where I got a bit confused about quantities when I asked for a kilo of chipolatas and there didn't seem enough so asked for 2 kilos and then there were hundreds! So eventually bought 16 and it was £7.40 Forgot to buy a steak for later in the week

At Silfield I bought a ham hock for the bargain price of £2.95

Then at Booths I bought garlic, potatoes, pointy cabbage, rocket, little gem lettuce and parsley for £6.70

In Brindisa I bought a big pack of spicy chorizo for £14.20

From Lizzie at Wild Beef I bought eggs and sausages (I'm looking forward to this BBQ!) for £5.50

Asparagus from Ted's Veg - £3 - I am dreading the fast approaching end to the season

Coffee from Monmouth for £11

Fabulous pies from Mrs Elizabeth King - £4.50

Milk, pasta, bread and yoghurt from Neals Yard - £13.20

Toast bread from Flour Power - £1.20

So a not too bad £69.65


Angie said...

You are lucky having all thosde lovely places to buy in-season food at. Up here in north Lincs it's Asda (or one of the other biggies) or nothing. Well, fairly local farmers' mkt once a month but they tend to promote things like kangaroo burgers and ostrich meat more than 'ordinary' meats.


bron said...

Angie I know I am really lucky with the food we eat, the quality and flavour as well as the variety. The sheer pleasure of shopping at Borough makes for a fab Saturday morning that adds a shine to the whole week. At least you have a market once a month - which is what Borough used to be - so with luck yours may become more regular too. And don't you have seriously good potatoes?