Friday, August 07, 2009

I wanted... I bought... I made

Jambon Persillé

Vaguely craving a steak dinner so might make it a Saturday special had that other Saturday special, cold collation with fresh prawns, avocadoes, napoli, a little camembert from the fridge, tomatoes from the garden, crusty bread, very yum. Sunday we are off to lunch at St John so dinner will be easy, thinking a terrine perhaps that I can make Saturday jambon persille that set perfectly and can be lunches too. Monday the pork chops the jambon with potato salad, rocket from the garden and a little avocado perhaps with salad. Tuesday noodles we had the leftover spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread that I'd made Friday night. Wednesday some spanish rice dandan noodles and tiger skin peppers. Thursday pasta green bean curry using our extraordinary beans we grew. Friday omelette and salad and the rest of the garlic bread from the freezer.

Saturday was nice, warm, sunnyish, Borough Market not too busy early on. The man fancied cold collation for Saturday supper so steak was off (for now!). At Ginger Pig I bought a big fistful of bacon which the man cooked with eggs and toast for a stunningly fabulous breakfast on our return from the market - am thinking of making decadent breakfast, made by the man, obviously as breakfast is his forté, every week, a couple of pork steaks in the freezer and a pigs trotter cooked with the hocks to make a jelly that would set round the ham and parsley that they very kindly split for me - £8.20

A couple of meaty ham hocks jambon persille that we had for dinner Monday and lunches all week from Silfield - £5.90

At Booths I bought garlic, lots of, carrots, massive bunch of parsley to go with the hock, was taken with some lovely looking white grapes lunches and a bunch of spring onions noodles - £4.50

From Brindisa I bought a couple of noras peppers - which I can now recognise - and a tub of calaspera rice for paella that I didn't make this week but will next week - £3.80

Cold collation made me think of sweet little prawns, easily tempted by Shellseekers - a tub weighed out came to £4.99

Lizzie had her usual lots of eggs Friday omelette - £1.50

A rye tin and a crusty stick from Rhodes £3.55

Napoli cold collation and on rye for tea Sunday from Gastronomica - £2.20

Coffee from Monmouth - £10

Milk, yoghurt and pasta from Neals Yard - £9.80

Cottage tin from Flour Power - £1.10

And a bag of little avocadoes as a spur of the minute purchase from the unhappy bloke next to Elsey and Bent mashed onto fresh bread with tomatoes from the garden for lunch, and mashed with black pepper and helmans to dip sweet prawns into Saturday night - £1

All in £56.54 - cheaper than usual as we have some lovely veg in our own garden and so no need to be buying lettuce or rocket or tomatoes or beans. Feeling very pleased with ourselves! Didn't need to go to Waitrose this week (yay!) but did go to chinatown for rice, ginger, coriander seeds and five spice powder but that was the extent of the extras.

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