Thursday, August 13, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

Actually it may be me wanting but this week it is the man shopping. By himself.

We are off to a family do Saturday so he volunteered to have the day off Friday - how did I miss that trick?! We are taking a gammon with us as our contribution to the feast for lunch, so he will buy that and cook it before I come home. He's clever, is the man. So that's Saturday sorted as we will be having the day away and not return till late. All that worked a treat but, as is the way with big get togethers there was vast amounts of food, so we brought half the gammon home again and it was a treat for the week.
Sunday I'm thinking roast beef, easy peasy and always lovely cold and it will be another day as it went into the freezer after being replaced by the gammon with salad. Monday grilled pork chops with green beans from the garden as you can see above, Tuesday pasta with zucchinis made a tortilla that went disastrously wrong, Wednesday the paella we didn't have last week still haven't but did have an extraordinarily decadent supper of baked camembert studded with garlic slivers on crusty bread from St John that I had in the freezer and a cucumber salad from the garden and it was utterly fabulous, Thursday we are out and Friday some salad we are out again.
And that's it for a few weeks - we're off to France to sort out the house and have a little holiday and some duck related dinners.

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