Friday, September 18, 2009

I wanted....I bought....I made

Had a (relatively) successful week clearing some bits from the freezer which resulted in a proper Sunday lunch of roast beef, fabulous paella using pork and chorizo and a litre of stock and the delight of warmed sourdough to accompany omelette and salad.Though I did add some chicken pieces I definitely ended the week with a little more space than I started with. I shall attempt to do the same this week...

Saturday we are going to Womad at the Tower of London - which should be interesting! - so will take some picknicky things I think had hot sausage sarnies before we went then eggy toast on our return with a beer in the middle at the Tower. Sunday there is a rerun of the theatre outing in the afternoon, this time involving seeing the show, so given that it was so nice last week might do lunch beforehand again jerk chicken and rice & peas and seriously good it was and a light supper after 'pizza' made with toasted ciabatta, chorizo and buffalo mozzarella was pretty fab way to end the weekend. Monday I think some ham and leek rissoles with salad chickpea and carrot salad with omelette and aubergine relish, Tuesday some spiced pork balls with roasted butternut and ginger and cucumber salad got home very late after having my hair done so pasta with nutmeg and parmesan, quick pasta Wednesday the man made ham and leek rissoles which went well with the last of the chick peas, Thursday salad still had a mozzarella ball which it would be criminal to waste so made a great baked pasta dish and Friday steak perhaps out to the ica so burgers at the bar! as we have some in the freezer and it would be frugal...

Borough was fairly quiet early on Saturday and still a bit confusing in its new incarnation. With my freezer clearing still on track didn't have anything to buy at Ginger Pig but I was momentarily tempted by some beautiful looking pork leg on the bone. Resisted but it might be on the list for next week.

Started instead at Booths and bought dill and carrots for chickpea salad, cucumber meant for salad but still okay and in the fridge, same for the fennel, leeks in patties Wednesday night, spring onions in rice and peas for £5.70

Popped across the road to Monmouth for coffee as they no longer have a stall in the market - a really major lack and a surprise too - they have been there since the very first days of the retail market and somehow in the 'reorganisation' the trustees have decided they don't warrant the space. Dark roast Colombian for £10.50

At Wild Beef some eggs omelette Monday and sausages sarnies Saturday came to an even £5

At Rhodes I bought a plain white tin loaf thinking toast - but it was too tall for the toaster in whole slices and a little meagre when halved but tasted good with smoked salmon and then later dipped in egg and fried - £1.50

Searched around the new stalls trying to find my familiars and was largely successful. Went to Gastronomica for Parmesan and then bought buffalo mozzarella for Sunday pizza and pasta Thursday - £13

Needed salami to go with the mozzarella and after looking everywhere discovered that the Gastronomica meat stall is no more. In the space of a few months they have gone from having a lovely shop under the arches, a small cheese stall and a larger meat and pasta stall to having only the smallest one. Difficult to see how that matches up to the trustees avowed aim of maintaining the quality of Borough. Also means there is no one selling sliced salami which is a bit of a blow as I love the stuff. So decided we'd have chorizo and bought a lovely fat one from Brindisa - £6.50

The man wondered what to have for breakfast and we neither of us could come up with a better idea than smoked salmon on toast - £5

From Tony I bought peppers and aubergine was the only thing of this lot used, made a hot spiced relish after roasting it till soft with the last tomatoes from the garden and some of our chillies and cauliflower about to be cheesed this Sunday, have been dreaming of it- £3

At Neals Yard I got milk and yoghurt and apples - £7.20

But not ciabatta - which they used to sell - so went back to Rhodes and bought one from them having forgotten the Italian place on the corner on the way outwhich sells them - £2.20

Chegworth Farm were nowhere to be seen but are apparently on holidays, L'Artisan du Chocolat are still there and Taste of Turkey are too though I didn't actually see their stall.

Spent £59.60 and then saw Maria from the caff at the bus stop - she'd been for breakfast! She seems like a fish out of water when she's away from her shop but she was pleased that it was her last week free as the builders are turning the cafe around so that it faces into the market and she can start trading again

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