Friday, September 25, 2009

I wanted...I bought...I made

Last week's deviation from most of the original ideas meant an interesting weeks' eating - and steak still in the freezer. Have Food Chain Sunday so am thinking late afternoon movie Saturday after everything is sorted with a steak and salad supper that was blissfully good to follow. Sunday a roast I think, very likely the pork that tempted me last week ended up having leftover pepperpot stew from foodchain with rice or perhaps chicken with cauliflower cheese... Monday maybe lentils and a poached egg, had the roast chicken and cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes and steamed leeks for a plate of pale and very tasty food one of my favourite meals. Tuesday chinese with peppers and black beans noodle and vegetable stirfry fast, furious and fabulous, Wednesday pasta I think leftover mutton and bacon stew with rice, Thursday might do the pork balls I've been hankering for for weeks still no balls, baked tofu with those peppers and black beans and Friday omelette and salad with bread, cheese and chorizo.
Seems a bit less shocking this week that half the market is boarded off - guess you can used to almost anything. Started at the Ginger Pig for a chicken, planning a proper Sunday roast that we had Monday and then the cold chicken in lunches till Thursday and the carcass for stock inevitably for the freezer, Charlie chose a lovely bird, not too big, £10.20

At Booths I was delighted to see they had Yukon Gold potatoes, which are possibly the perfect spud for roasting so grabbed some of those, as well as leeks Monday roast, carrots with the fennel for salad Friday, sugarsnap peas lunchboxes, fennel and tomatoes Friday salad - £4.70

Went to Gastronomica for cheese and was delighted to be told that they will have a small shop inside the market from next week, much like the one they used to have, selling the full range of food that I have come to love over the years - not just cheese but salami, ham, pasta fresh and dried and of course their extraordinary panettone at christmas. To keep me going till then I bought a sizeable chunk of perfect Pecorino and a hunk of truffle cheese which will form the centrepiece of a simple Friday supper - £19

Breakfast Saturday was destined again to be smoked salmon on toast - £5 - really very pleased that the Irish stall is now there every week

Being food chain weekend I was in a hurry so it was rush rush over to Neals Yard for milk and pasta and a slightly disappointing baguette which we ate half of with steak Saturday but I improved it exponentially next day when I cooked the other half with garlic butter from the freezer - £10.70

Lastly a toast loaf from Flour Power - £1.10

So spent not much time and £50.70

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