Thursday, December 31, 2009

I wanted ...I bought.... I made

World's biggest pork chop?

New Year already - hope yours was fabulous and 2010 is full of great food. The vast feasting that is xmas is over which is probably good but seems a shame nonetheless. I really like to eat!

Perhaps an occasional frugal dish in the next few weeks may be in order, lower in calories and perhaps a little lighter just to kind of show willing though it won't last. Far too greedy, me. More exercise perhaps.

Saturday we are back to Borough though if past years are anything to go by there won't be vast amounts there. We are out in the evening to see Fiona Shaw perform The Waste Land then home to cauliflower soup from the freezer so Sunday is the starting point. I have food chain in the morning so something easy for dinner, pasta perhaps lentils with smoked bacon and herbs topped with a poached egg, so very very good. Monday I have some meatballs in the freezer made up so I'm thinking nice with chickpeas and cucumber roast chicken, pork and sage stuffing, cauliflower cheese, gravy, the works! and great lunches all week from the leftovers, Tuesday I fancy beef stew with lots of mash and boiled veg, Wednesday Chinese - I've been missing it still am as we had chick pea soup and crusty bread, Thursday perhaps roasted pork chop and more lovely veg, Friday warm camembert and crusty bread rest of the soup with duck fat toast- don't want to be too good!

Borough Market bore a strong resemblance to the Marie Celeste Saturday morning. Only a few traders were there and most had very little to sell. At the Ginger Pig I bought the last chicken in the shop - and it was only 9am. The butchers all looked exhausted from the hectic pace of the season of consumption! I also bought some shin beef to make stew and bacon to go in it - spent £27.40

Booths was quiet too and I bought only potatoes and carrots for £2.30

A cottage tin loaf from Rhodes - who had a mountain of bread and no customers - £1.50

Apples from Chegworth - £1.30

Could have got a bargain at Gastronomica with 10 mozzarella for £10 but sadly could think of nothing to do with immediately !

There was no milk at Neals Yard so bought nothing there either!

Spent a mere £32.50 though will need more in the week...


~kristina said...

It was very quiet at Borough on Saturday, wasn't it? Personally, I think that was one of the most pleasant trips I've made there in a while!
Happy 2010 to you.

bron said...

Agreed ~kristina - it is so nice occasionally to shop at Borough in peace and quiet. Loved it!

Hope 2010 is full of wonderful food for you as well as other things.