Friday, December 04, 2009

This week I wanted...I bought...I made

I have some dal left and I found an interesting sounding recipe for meatballs so I'm thinking Indian feast Saturday night - the man declared he wanted spaghetti with chilli and garlic so simple it was Saturday. Sunday is food chain so something simple, soup perhaps went for the balls with dal and cucumber raita and very fine it was. Monday I am out but the man is not so he shall have a lovely pie, Tuesday Vicki is round so I am thinking roast chicken dinner with cauliflower cheese and leeks and deep orange sweet potatoes, lovely and easy post work, Wednesday I have a hair appointment so the rest of the soup actually cooked the beans on Sunday and puréed them so made bean and chorizo soup when I got in, Thursday we are out but not late and everywhere decent is booked solid - they really do mean it in October when they put up signs saying book now for xmas so we went home for the rest of the soup and Friday, omelette and salad and duck fat toast! perhaps.

Was bleak when we set out but didn't stay that way. The entire roof has gone from the old market - it just gapes.
Ginger Pig was nice and quiet, bought a chicken Tuesday dinner, some pork mince little packs in the freezer for noodles and things and lamb mince kofta Sudnay night with leftovers for lunchboxes, Charlie told me he likes lamb fat the most, know where he's coming from but I'm not sure I can divide my pleasure in fats into a ranking, love them all! Told him about rending the fat from chicken skin into crispy bits of delight, one he hadn't tried. But I am sure he will. Spent £27.80

At Booths the leeks were big thick things so bought yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, cucumber and clementines for £6.50

Had eggs already so bought porridge oats at Wild Beef - £2

From Ted's Veg I bought skinny leeks, a cauliflower and onions for £3.80

From the Gastronomica shop - yay! - bought burratta for breakfast on toast treat - £4

Even bigger yay! is that Chegworth are back with a small shop next to the Gastronomica shop. Didn't need apples but it is so nice to know they are back

A couple of pies from Mrs Elizabeth King, am trying a chicken and leek for a change - £5

From Neals Yard I bought milk and yoghurt for £5.80

And that was all! Spent £54.90 in a hurry as it was foodchain and lots to do.

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