Friday, January 08, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Forecast is for a fortnight of freezing. By now I believe them.
Really hankering for some salt crust tofu or ma po so that could be Wednesday night coudn't get tofu so settled for noodles and greens on Tuesday and lamb balls with mashed chickpeas Wednesday. Might start the week rolling with mussels Saturday night or baked sea trout, but probably something fishy mussels looked uninspiring, couldn't think of a meat I fancied, ended up with fabulous baked penne. Sunday I think tarka dal and rice and an aubergine curry had ham and eggs and toast, another kind of yum, rich and delightful. Monday the lamb burgers from the freezer the other half of the pasta from Saturday, Tuesday I fancy chilli con carne, Thursday we are out, Friday more chilli perhaps.

I really like the stallholders at Borough and know they do a great job whatever the day brings but by the time we finished shopping Saturday they had my undying respect. It was beyond freezing everywhere - I am certain the bitumen floor was solid ice. I was wearing tights, thick socks, fur lined thick soled boots, jeans, a long sleeved woollen vest, under long sleeved silk vest under a heavy jumper, scarf, hat and gloves and I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cold the circulation in my fingers had stopped. Yet everyone working there was their usual cheerful helpful self and they still had seven hours to go. Respect. And thanks.

At the Ginger Pig they all looked seriously cold but they do at least have a big oven to cook sausage rolls so they have the potential to warm up. They'd run out of chicken carcasses so I bought smoked bacon for the freezer as I'd run out and chicken wings for stock for £5.28

Went to Silfield in search of a ham hock of which they had plenty. Bought one for £3.50 still in the fridge waiting to become soup then noticed they were selling gammons cheaply. Consulted with the man, who said yum ham egg and chips! Bought one for £8 which sorted Sunday supper and lunches for a few days

Then Brindisa had a sign out advertising bargains inside and I do love a good bargain! Bought a large jar of peaches, a tin of stuffed squid, a bottle of moscatel vinegar - one of the few vinegars I don't have - a jar of pureed pimento peppers and two jars of woldflower honey for a totally bargain £14.50

Run out of coffee so dark roasted Colombian beans from a wonderfully warm - and therefore very crowded - Monmouth £10.50

At Booths I was a bit confused as all my original plans for the week's eating were rapidly falling away so, unsure what I now needed I bought potatoes soup, garlic pasta, sugarsnaps and clementines lunches for £3.50

Was still thinking mussels or fishy things for Saturday night but Shellseekers looked somewhat uninspiring and there was nothing I much wanted from the Devon fish stall either.

Bought eggs from Wild Beef, where Lizzie was understandably thoroughly preoccupied with getting a small blow heater to work - £1.50

Had a craving for more olives - really love the ones from Good Olive company that are mixed with roasted peppers and garlic. The man, shopping alone over xmas, had also bought some spectacularly good ones stuffed with jalapeno's, so wanted them too. Only didn't really need two tubs of olives for the week so the nice guy serving assured me I could have both in one pot so I did! £3.50

Over in the Green Market I finally got my inspiration for Saturday night supper. The parma ham stall was offering buy two get one free on buffalo mozzarella so baked penne it would be. Also couldn't resist some parma ham, obviously, spent £11.40

By which point we both so cold I was shivering. Headed to Neals Yard for milk, two types of pasta and two types of bread, including a very fine walnut and raisin for toast - £15.50

And that was all - spent £77.18 but also bought brussel sprouts, cream, rice, chinese greens,yellow split peas, parsley, coriander and yoghurt as well as more bread from St John so not a cheap week really.

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