Friday, January 29, 2010

I wanted...I bought...I made

Friday lunchboxes - steamed pork and eggs. cabbage and rice

We have the lovely Marie and her new husband Jon coming for dinner Saturday so I'm thinking orange and chicory salad to start, oxtail lasagne to guard against the cold followed by rhubarb fool it was so nice to see them and dinner worked a treat, starting with prawns dipped in the last of the aioli to go with champagne. Sunday time for a roast again, it's been a couple of weeks, beef perhaps slow roasted pork shoulder with lots of root veg roasted with chilli and ginger. Monday we may well be out, Tuesday lentils the leftover oxtail lasagne, still totally wow, Wednesday I think we're meeting David for movies, Thursday I should have my borrowed Miele steam oven didn't think I was getting it but then I did so bought some pork mince from Ginger Pig on the way home and had steamed pork and eggs with steamed cabbage and boiled rice for a really good dinner so tofu and bacon I think, and Friday pork and eggs, also steamed brussel sprout soup from the freezer with bread and cheese and olives to use what we have in.

Lunches for the week were mostly cold roast pork with cold roast veg. I peeled and chopped sweet potato, parsnip, turnip and swede into big chunks then roasted them with chillies and chopped ginger for a great accompaniment to the pork and then through the week they are spice hot and sweet at lunch time. It took about five minutes each morning to slice some meat and put it into tubs with a couple of big spoonfuls of roast veg and a bundle of fresh rocket. Add a clementine and a couple of biscuits and est voila! Lunch is ready. Friday we had the rest of the steamed pork and eggs with rice for a very chinesey treat, packed after dinner Thursday for a quick getaway next morning.

We were a little later than usual on Saturday getting to Borough Market but not too late and it was a bit busier but not horrendous. There was a sign outside the Ginger Pig saying pork rib chops £2 and, thinking they were racks of spareribs asked for one. Quite meaty looking chops so went with it anyway in the freezer and also got a big piece of pork shoulder on the bone for slow Sunday roast - £17.20

At Booths I bought sweet potatoes, turnips and swede - though I can't be certain which is which I bought both, parsnips, roasting potatoes proper Sunday roast veg collection, carrots, cabbage steamed with the rendered spiced fat from the pork Thursday night, brussel sprouts, clementines, blood oranges, chicory and rhubarb to start and end supper Saturday for £13.70

Gave Wild Beef back a mountain of egg boxes and bought half a dozen as well - £1.50

Bought jalapeno olives from Fresh Olive Company - £3.50

At Shellseekers I bought sweet little peeled school prawns - £5.80
Needed cheese from Gastronomica - a hunk of truffled sheeps cheese and some Parmesan as we're out - £11

Black olives from the Turkish stall, creamy and salty - £2.50

A bowl of peppers from Tony - £1

Milk, cream and bread from Neals Yard - £10.50

Two loaves of toast bread from Flour Power - £2.20

So a not unreasonable £68.90

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